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5 Items That Should Be in Your Backpack This Semester

As we transition back into in-person classes after spending a year and half online, it’s hard to know what to pack in our backpacks. So, here’s five things that you should bring in your backpack this fall semester.

Hand Sanitizer is a MUST On and Off Campus

Even when there isn’t a global pandemic, there are germs everywhere! From classroom desks, to public transportation, to even your phone, no place is safe from germs. Whether it’s a giant bottle of GermX, or the little pocketbacs from Bath and Body Works, hand sanitizer is a must have for students on and off campus.

Having More than One Mask is the Move

On campus, masks are required in every building regardless of vaccination status. This being said, having only one mask on you is not the best idea. Things can and will happen to a mask such as: a loop breaking, spilling something on the mask, or just outright losing it. It’s better to have more than one mask just to avoid the chaos of not having a mask and then not being able to go to class.

Snacks and Water are Important!

You can’t learn on an empty stomach (you probably could, but you probably shouldn’t.) always useful to have a couple snacks to get you through the day (especially to those off-campus students without meal plans), and water bottles to keep you hydrated.

A Notebook/Pencil is the Key to Success

In the short time that I’ve gone to classes in person, I’ve seen quite a few people who bring only their phones. As useful as phones are, they’re not very good for notetaking. Some professors don’t want students to use electronic devices to take notes (they will usually state it on the first day of class), so it’s better to be safe than sorry, and have a notebook and a few pens/pencils in that bag.

Have a Poncho/Rain Jacket/Umbrella, Michigan Weather is Unpredictable

As summer ends, we get into the cooler season of autumn. Rainy days are approaching us again, and Michigan loves unexpected heavy rain. Unless you like getting soaked in the rain , it’s always nice to keep something in your bag for those kinds of emergencies.

This semester is going to be a challenging one to say the least, but with these essentials in your backpack, you’ll be better prepared for what challenges come your way. Here’s to a great semester, be safe!

Jada is a senior at Michigan State University studying Neuroscience with a minor in Cognitive Sciences.
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