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We all have that friend who is OBSESSED with all things health and wellness. While their love for bettering themselves may be inspiring, it can be super difficult to find them the perfect gift. They probably already have their at-home workout gear and CBD gummies, but lucky for you, I’ve rounded up some products that are sure to impress the ultimate health guru. 

1. Bala Bangles

Well first, let’s acknowledge how cute these are. If you’ve never seen these before, look up their aesthetically pleasing Instagram page @bala. But these bangles are a lot more than just eye candy, they have a ton of health benefits too! Bala bangles add a comfortable resistance to your workout which makes them perfect for targeted, lower intensity workouts. 

2. Motivational Water Bottle 

Whether you choose to DIY or buy one, this water bottle is a gamechanger. Motivational water bottles have hourly time markers to help boost your daily water intake. Drinking water is obviously important, but it’s even more crucial for those with an active lifestyle. This makes it the perfect gift for the fitness lover in your life.

3. Aroma Diffuser

There are plenty of amazing aroma diffusers online, but which one you select really depends on your friend’s style choice. Diffusers combined with essential oils are a great, easy way to add a scent to a home while creating a calming presence. 

4. Daily Harvest Subscription 

This plant-based delivery service is perfect for that friend who loves to eat healthy but is always on-the-go. Their food is built on fruits and vegetables and is ready to eat in minutes. Does your friend have a food allergy? Not a problem! Daily Harvest caters to dietary needs so that everyone can enjoy their plant-based food. 

5. Ice Roller 

A product that has a long list of benefits is sure to impress your health loving friend! Ice rollers are used to prevent wrinkles, relieve fatigue, shrink pores, reduce headaches, and decrease puffiness in the face. They’re small and lightweight, so they are especially perfect for that friend who’s always traveling!  

Sarah Peltz is a student at Michigan State University studying journalism and public relations. With a passion for health and wellness, Sarah enjoys working out, cooking, and simple acts of self-care.
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