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Snuggle into your blankets and sip on some hot chocolate while you watch these K-Dramas. K-dramas are like Korean soap operas, shaped by dramatic and romantic plotlines.  Filled with cozy vibes and cute scenes, these shows will warm you up and romanticize your winter.


Cast: Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama

Synopsis: This is a fantasy romance show about immortal goblin, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) seeking his human bride to end his cursed immortal life. Ji Eun-Tak, played by Kim Go-Eun, is a high school student who becomes a ray of sunshine in the goblin’s life which changes everything about our lonely goblin. She is bubbly, optimistic and all-together an adorable character, but when she finds out about the true purpose of her role in Kim Shin’s life, she has to struggle with the reality of their love story. The story of Goblin is full of romance, comedy and deep characters that you will fall in love with. 

I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice (When the Weather is Fine)

Cast: Seo Kang Joon, Park Min Young 

Genre: Melodrama, Romance

Synopsis: Mok Hae Won (Park Min Young) is a cellist who decides to quit her job in Seoul and move back to her hometown where she meets her former classmate and neighbor, Im Eun Seob (Seo Kang Joon) who is a bookstore owner. Eun Seob lives a simple and slow-paced life that is changed when he meets Hae Won. The two become attracted to each other and find warmth from one another in the cold winter.  

While You Were Sleeping

Cast: Bae Suzy, Lee Jong Suk, Jung Hae In, Lee Sang Yeob

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Drama

Synopsis: While You Were Sleeping is centered around a field reporter, a prosecutor and a police officer who have acquired the ability to see the future. Nam Hong Joo (Suzy) has had the ability to see the future through her dreams ever since she was a child, but she has never been able to stop them from happening. When a new neighbor, Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk), moves in, their lives become intertwined when Jae Chan has a premonition of Hong Joo being framed of the death of a police officer by Lee Yoo Beom (Lee Sang Yeob), which leads to the death of her mother and Hong Joo. The police officer (Jung Hae In) who survives also acquires the ability to foresee future events. Together, the three of them work together to stop their nemesis, Lee Yoo Beom, and their ominous dreams from turning into reality.


Cast: Lee Jong Suk, Park Shin Hye

Genre: Drama, Romantic Comedy

Synopsis: Choi Dal Po/Ha Myung (Lee Jong Suk) becomes Choi In Ha’s (Park Shin Hye) “uncle/older brother” through a series of unfortunate events regarding a factory explosion that killed Dal Po’s father. Dal Po and In Ha eventually become reporters. Dal Po strives to unleash the truth of the past, and In Ha desires to become a reporter like her mother. The two grow closer through the fierce battle to uncover the truth as local reporters. 

Because This is My First Life

Cast: Jung So Min, Lee Min Ki

Genre: Romantic Comedy, Drama

Synopsis: Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) is a socially awkward man who has bought his own home but needs money to pay off his mortgage. Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min) is also struggling financially as a homeless writer. Nam Se Hee and Yoon Ji Ho get married and become housemates for financial reasons. They sign a contract based on common values, but they find themselves attracted to one another. This Is My First Life is a thoughtful, heart-fluttering drama that explores different perspectives of love and marriage.

With all the love and comedy you’ll find in the K-dramas, you won’t even have to turn on the fireplace to warm your heart. Curl up with my recommendations and every day will feel like a snow day. 

Serena Chan is a freshman at Michigan State University with an interest in the business field. In her spare time, she enjoys drinking smoothies and tea, traveling, reading new books, and spending time with friends and family.