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5 Comfort Shows for Any Transitional Moments

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at MSU chapter.

I don’t know about you, but every semester, I struggle with the adjustment back into school. I love to have a routine, and I enjoy starting new classes, but adjusting from my “home” bedroom to my “school” bedroom causes me the stress of packing. It always takes a few weeks for everything to feel normal. With classes starting and school in full swing, it’s not always ideal to take the time to adjust, and sometimes, I just want something that will make me feel comfortable now. 

Income TV! Now, will the small screen solve all the problems of adjusting to a new normal? Probably not, but it can certainly help make the big issues seem a little smaller. If you’re like me, then choosing a show that fits the mood is no small task. But fear not! Here is the list of my top 5 Comfort Shows to make you laugh, cry, and feel less alone in any transitional period you may be experiencing.

Modern Family

In my eyes, no show will ever beat Modern Family. From the clever wordplay, the fourth wall breaks, the related characters, the even more relatable situations, and the comedic gold that is the perfectly cast ensemble, this show never fails to lift my spirits. Watch it when you’re happy, watch it when you’re sad, watch it when you don’t know what else to watch, and watch it when you just want background noise to help fall asleep. I genuinely believe there is something for everyone in an episode of Modern Family. 

Home Economics

If you are a fan of Modern Family, then Home Economics is worth giving a try. With a similar type of humor and the culmination of unique individuals under the veil of family, this sitcom is short, sweet, and to the point. The best news yet, this show is still running, which means there is more of comedy to look forward to in the future. 

Santa Clarita Diet

While this one is a little less expected, these brief episodes are a darker type of humor with the same level of wit. If you typically prefer crime-based television (I’m looking at you Criminal Minds fans), this is a much easier watch without requiring any brain power. Definitely worth trying out. 

American Housewife

Back to the standard sitcom, this is another easy-watching family comedy – this time focused on a mother who dreads the expected role she fulfills as a housewife. We see sibling drama, PTO club drama, and the best brunch club any of us could ever be invited to. 

One Day At a Time

Let me preface, not every episode of this show is easy, but this cast of characters manages to handle a series of very mature concepts without losing the feeling that you, the viewer, are a part of the family. There will be laughs, there will be tears, and this is a great show to watch if you’re looking to feel cared for. 

What shows would you add to this list? What is your go-to and why? Whether it is to help you forget your stress, relax at the end of a long day, or to help a transition feel less lonely, I hope you can get some of the comforts from these shows that I do. 

Happy watching!

Erika is a pre-med honors student in the Lyman Briggs college at MSU. With 3 majors there isn't a lot of time for much else but she loves writing whenever she can, going on spontaneous adventures, and thinks there is nothing better than late-night (early morning) conversations with your closest friends.