The 5 Brands You’ve Been Sleeping On

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Brand loyalty - it’s a thing. You met your SO the night you were wearing that expensive MAC lipstick. You still use Playtex Sport tampons because those are what Mom always bought you. Queen Bey’s perfume will forever reign supreme. When you find something that works, why abandon your tried-and-true?

Here’s why: You’re missing out. There are so many brands who are killing it - and just aren’t getting the credit they deserve. Step out of your comfort zone, and check out these five brands that we’ve definitely been sleeping on.



For a company that has the ability to literally save you hundreds of dollars, the DivaCup is sure being slept on. Investing in just one DivaCup is worth three years of tampons and pads - which also means fewer feminine hygiene products sitting in landfill and thrown into waterways. In addition to the DivaCup, the brand sells DivaWash - a product designated to extending the life of your cup through proper cleaning and care. Basically what we’re saying is: If you haven’t joined #TeamDiva yet, your bank account is begging you to - like yesterday. Get one for cheap on Amazon.


Freeman Beauty

If you don’t know about Freeman Beauty, you can thank us for this stellar recommendation later. The Freeman products are fun, fresh and flirty, and if that doesn’t already grab your attention - they are oh-so frugal. The brand focuses heavily on skincare, and we can’t get enough of its facial masks - or its prices. For under $5, you can choose among 20 different 6-ounce masks. Our favorites are the avocado & oatmeal clay mask, cucumber peel-off mask, charcoal & black sugar polishing mask and apple cider vinegar foaming clay mask. If you get super attached, each is also available in a travel size. You’re welcome.  


Juicy Couture

Is it just us, or had you not heard from Juicy Couture since the velvet tracksuit trend in the early 2000s? According to Juicy, #TrackIsBack, but that’s not why we’re upset that we’ve been sleeping on this brand. Juicy Couture knows perfume, and we’ve been missing out on I Love Juicy eau de parfum. It’s a light, clean fragrance that’s perfect for young women, especially those who don’t typically wear heavy colognes or sprays. It’s a pricey $94 per 3.4 ounce bottle, but trust us - it’s worth the splurge. Juicy, we don’t love lightly, half-heartedly, passively or timidly when it comes to you.  



Who needs to spend a fortune at Victoria’s Secret, when you could get a cheaper, sexier and more comfortable bra with Maidenform? Along with Bali and Playtex, Maidenform shares a website with its parent-company, Hanes, making the brand a little too easy to overlook at times. But don’t worry: All of the Maidenform bras, panties and shapewear are also available at our favorite department stores, like Macy’s, JCPenney and Target. We recommend the Love the Lift satin and lace plunge push-up bra in black/beige. Just don’t put it in the washing machine, collegiettes - you’re better than that (and so is this bra).  


Rimmel London

Easy, breezy, beautiful - who? Move over Covergirl, it’s time to get the London Look. A company rich in history and known for breaking the rules, Rimmel London is all about empowering real women to (affordably) experiment with edgy beauty trends and focus on expressing themselves. We’re obsessing over the new 24-HR SuperCurler mascara in extreme black - for extreme volume and curl that actually holds (#ByeByeLashCurler). For that pop of color, we’re shipping The Only 1 lipstick in peachy-beachy - not only is it long-lasting, it’s just so dang pretty. We honestly have no idea how we’ve managed to sleep on this brand.