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I suppose anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with food. There’s something so special about learning different recipes from different cultures, and embracing our commonalities. As an Indian woman myself, I am so proud of our community’s growth in the food world. Here are 4 Indian women whose food blogs will change the way you cook.

1. Hetal Vasavada- Milk & Cardamom

I have been following Hetal’s blog for months now, and there’s always a new recipe for me to try. Her recipes use Indian spices to make new, impressive and delicious food. My personal favorite are her lemon cardamom snickerdoodles, but make sure you check out all her recipes! There’s something for everyone.

2. Dhrubba Mukherjee- Not A Curry

I met Dhrubba through a Zoom interview, and I was fascinated with her story. Her blog focuses on authentic Indian meals that go beyond a typical curry. You should definitely look at her Instagram if you want to see some beautiful and aesthetic food photos.

3. Kankana Saxena- Playful Cooking

Before I say anything, I made Kankana’s pumpkin pie recipe for Thanksgiving and it was one of the greatest pies I have ever baked. This blog focuses on her love for food and photography- a truly beautiful combination. 

4. Megha- Chocolate & Cheese, Please!

This blog is one of the best places to find articles on food, travel and fashion. Megha shares some super cute recipe ideas, and you’ll fall in love with her style.

Explore these different blogs and try a new recipe! The food world is so broad yet so interconnected. Happy eating! 

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