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Let’s take it “back to the days, when the days were better.” I have been a 5SOS stan since around the 2012-2013 era. Meaning, I had an idea in my head of what this song was going to be about and what their live stream would be about, and I’m not going to lie, it was not what I was expecting. Here’s to 10 years of 5 Seconds of Summer.

I loved the song, however, I am feeling very mixed emotions. I thought it was going to be a happier song, talking about how they’ve changed to now, all the crazy and fun things they’ve done, but instead the song focused on wanting to go back before everything was crazy andbefore they felt overwhelmed.

This will hit hard for a lot of their fans, especially ones from 2011-2014 during their peak ‘boy band’ phase before they developed into the band they wanted to be. Listening to this song, it is going to be relatable for us older fans because we grew up during these 10 (or however many years you’ve been listening to these guys) too. How much social media has changed since then, how much crazier the world has gotten. Things were much easier back then, especially for the younger fans before they grew up.

All around, the song was extremely emotional, and unlike other artists on their anniversary, 5 Seconds of Summer chose to share a deeper, darker side instead of solely celebrating and reminiscing on the good times. ‘2011’ even referenced the song ‘Old Me’ which was another emotional rollercoaster when it was dropped last year.

They are still touring next year, but it puts a lot into perspective about their feelings and the music industry and the world that we live in today. They’re having us think about the downsides of all the fame and fortune and also about how growing up isn’t what we thought it was going to be.

I also wrote an article about their live stream! You can find it on my page.

Check out the song ‘2011’ here.

Kaytlyn is a junior at MSU majoring in Marketing and minoring in Creative Writing. She was involved in journalism throughout high school. She is also involved in the wrestling club at MSU. Kaytlyn is currently the VP and Campus Correspondent for HCMSU.
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