18 Plane Essentials

Headed somewhere this summer via plane? Here is my list of must-haves to be comfortable, fresh, and stylish during your travels, whether it’s for vacation, an internship, or study abroad.


1. Healthy snacks: With budget cuts all around, it’s hard to find an airline that still provides a meal, or at least decent snacks. Bring something of your own and you’ll up saving a lot of money. Plus, you will feel more energized than you would if you eat the overpriced snack packs offered on some airlines.

2. Pillow: It’s hard enough having to sleep sitting up straight, so you might as well have something to make you more comfortable.

3. Reading material: Doesn’t hurt to broaden your knowledge while you’ve got some extra time, or you’ll just need to be entertained to make the time go by faster.

4. Sleeping mask: Just one more way to get better rest!

5. Cardigan: Something to make you more comfortable and to keep you warm with that chill air circulating around the cabin.

6. Socks and comfortable shoes: You’ll be doing a lot of walking.

7. Oversized tote: Just to fit everything in!

8. Hand sanitizer: Way too many germs everywhere and no one wants to get sick right before their vacation.

9. Rosewater mist: I love this stuff! Both Kora Organics and Boots Botanics carry this and with just one spritz on your face, you will immediately feel refreshed.

10. Water bottle: A girl’s gotta stay hydrated!

11. Electronics: Headphones, smartphone, etc. – just something to make the time go by faster and make the trip more enjoyable.

12. Earplugs: If you want to get any rest, these are a must!

13. Compact mirror: Nice to have handy if you want to touch-up your makeup or fix your hair.

14. Breath mints/gum: Just because.

15. Pashmina: An easy way to up your style and also keep warm. FYI: It can also dual as a blanket.

16. Hairbrush: No one likes bedhead!

17. Oil blotting sheets: The flight will be long and your skin will show it!

18. Kiehls: Or any lip balm to keep your lips hydrated.