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10 Tips for Surviving Midterms


It’s that time of year that we all know has arrived, but neglect thinking about: Midterms. We’ve made it halfway through the semester, coasting along on i-clicker points and attendance, but now we have to actually apply what we’ve learned on an exam. How are we supposed to be held responsible for the material we talked about during welcome week?! We are all in the same sinking boat, so here are some tips to make it through this week of hell.


1. Don’t Freak Out

It’s going to hit you like a CATA bus when you realize all of the work that you’re going to have to put in this week, so just breathe. Yes, it sucks. Yes, you’re going to have to do it anyway. So just try to relax (HA) and get your ducks in a row.



Our professors have been telling us for the entire semester to study periodically and not to cram. Well, that definitely didn’t happen. But, you can still plan this week of cramming into a semi-decently organized matter. Designate a certain amount of time for each subject, and actually write it down, so you don’t procrastinate.


3. Study Somewhere New

Maybe this is only something I do, but it’s so hard for me to study at my apartment because TV, Netflix, my bed and staring off into oblivion are all options that are so much more appealing than cracking down on microeconomics. I’ve found that it is a lot easier to study if I go to the library or Starbucks, where the only thing I’m there to do is study.


4. Switch Up Your Habits

This especially applies to freshman – studying the same way you have your entire life might not be the best idea. Try new ways of going over the material, because just reading through your notes is not going to work. Flashcards, saying terms aloud and teaching the material to another classmates are all ways that might make the information stick better.


5. Reward Yourself

Read a page, eat a skittle, read a page, eat a skittle. It is good to give yourself a little incentive to get your work done. When I go to Starbucks to study, I treat myself with an overpriced caramel macchiato because I damn well deserve it.


6. Sleep

Some nights, you will most likely have to stay up until the buttcrack of dawn, but sleep is really important. We’ve heard this from literally everyone, and you will continue to hear it your entire time in college. So you may not get the magical eight hours of sleep that I’ve heard so many rumors about, but try to get at least a few hours in.


7. Alarms, Alarms, Alarms

SET A MILLION ALARMS. Please just make sure you wake up. I’m begging you to actually make it to your exam.


8. Get It Done

We will all inevitably complain about our midterms and how our lives are the worst, but it’s college. We just have to get this stuff done, so we can be really super successful. Then, when we are 40 and relaxing on our yacht, we will laugh about how we had a mental breakdown over that silly ISS class.


9. Celebrate

Once this week is over, it is so over. Do something fun to congratulate yourself for being a great student, and if you did bad, then drink away the pain (totally kidding, don’t do that). But honestly, you worked your a** off, so you deserve it.


10. It’s Just a Test

Remember that this is just a small, miniscule part of your life. The world will not crumble, and you will survive. If doing poorly on a midterm is the worst thing that happens in your life, then you’re doing pretty well.


So, good luck to all of you. Believe it or not, we will make it through this week, and once the pain finally fades away, it’ll be time for finals – as if half of a semester’s material wasn’t bad enough. Now, stop reading this, and start studying. May the curve be ever in your favor.

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