4 Essentials to a Perfect Self-Care Evening

With the stress of school, a job, and everyday life, sometimes we need to unwind. I know for me personally there are nights where I want to treat myself to a self-care evening to forget all of my problems, so I thought I would share my essentials to a perfect self-care night.


  1. Candlelit Bath

One of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling stressed is to take a nice bubble bath with candles all around me. I will usually start a calming playlist and use the dim lighting in my bathroom. 


2. Face Masks 

Another key to a successful self-care night is face masks. My favorite face masks are Korean ones I picked up from TJMaxx and SuperMud by GlamGlow. 


I also enjoy using a jade roller found here which helps me feel extremely relaxed. 


3. Wine and Netflix

Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than pouring a glass of wine and starting a Friends marathon. With Friends being one of my favorite shows I can go through hours of episodes and nearly a bottle of wine by the end of the night.


4. Unplug

My last key to a perfect self-care night is to unplug from all social media. I know we tend to get overwhelmed sometimes by what we see on the internet and what people are saying, so taking the time to detach myself from Instagram and Twitter I find to be super helpful when I’m having a night to myself.

I hope you found these to be helpful and I hope you allow yourself a self-care night soon!