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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Montclair chapter.

The end of the semester can be extremely overwhelming, especially when summer is right around the corner. In the middle of typing our last term paper, our mind wanders or we simply feel stuck in between the pages. When this happens, don’t hesitate to take a break. By taking a break, I don’t mean scrolling through Tik Tok for a few minutes then dragging yourself back to the computer. Instead, treat yourself to something relaxing for an hour or two. Longer breaks will motivate you to brainstorm ideas and relieve stress before you decide to sit at your desk again. If you’re needy of a break, here are five relaxation tips that could help:

1. Take a Bath

Listen to soft spa music, throw in a colorful bath bomb, bring your favorite snack and just absorb the relaxing heat. If you have a hot tub or jacuzzi, consider unwinding in there so the jets could massage your neck and back. Stress definitely makes your neck stiff so the massage will be worth it. If you really want to kill more time, call a friend, watch Netflix or put on a face mask. Once the water gets too cold, I promise you’ll be motivated to get back to the computer.

2. Get Your Nails Done

Go get yourself a manicure and pedicure! This is a relaxing way to brainstorm ideas since you can jot down plans on your phone while getting your toenails perfected. If you need more of a distraction, go with a friend to get your mind off of things. Afterward, you’ll be typing across your keyboard with dazzling nails to keep you in a good mood.

3. Bake Something Delicious

Baking is super therapeutic and motivating because who doesn’t love sweets? Not only is the baking process relaxing but eating that delicious cake afterward will improve your mood. It’s a way to get creative, smell the aroma of vanilla and the spices that make you happy and you can always devour the dessert when you sit back at your desk again. 

4. Workout

It’s well-known that working out puts us in a good mood. It’s a great way to fight off the stress we’re feeling and at the same time it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Blast some music and work out in sync with the beat to really distract yourself from the stress. After your workout, you’ll feel more energized and ready to get back to work!

5. Go Shopping

Treat yourself to online shopping or the mall. Walk around the mall with friends, buy items that appeal to you, spend time in the dressing room, drink some Starbucks then allow the caffeine to encourage you to get back to studying. Or shop online. It feels good to browse through the different options of clothing that will compliment your body. It’s distressing and you have something to look forward to in the mail! 

As painful as it is, the semester is near the end. It’s not considered procrastination to give yourself a break when you absolutely need one. It’s better than working through stress since it’s hard to accomplish anything that way. Trust me, these tips will motivate you to finish your work instead of staring at the computer screen in complete exhaustion. You got this!

Rosaria LoPresti

Montclair '21

Rosaria Lo Presti is a journalist with a strong passion for writing. She also enjoys reading, fashion, and traveling. During her free time, she loves to sing and play instruments or bake something delicious.
Tara Byrne

Montclair '21

Tara is 22 years old and a senior at Montclair State majoring in fashion studies with a minor in business. She loves keeping up with pop culture and catching up on her Youtube subscriptions. Tara mostly writes fashion, beauty, and lifestyle pieces for Her Campus. She is the current President and Co-Editor in Chief of Her Campus Montclair. In addition, she is a Co-Campus Coorespondent for Her Campus Montclair.