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Life Is Short, Spring Break Is Shorter

Congratulations, you made it halfway through the semester. Now it’s time to take a moment to recharge. While temperatures might be in the mid-30s and snow still lingers on the ground, make sure you use this spring break to do more than just sleep. It’s your chance to do everything that you find impossible to do during the school year like update​ your resume and finish reading that book you started last September.

First and foremost, this spring break be sure you take a moment for yourself. It’s so

easy to get lost in the chaos that is college that we often disregard our mental and emotional health. Sometimes, we don’t notice the harm we are causing to our bodies until it’s too late, so this spring break take some time to figure out how you are feeling.  Are you feeling overwhelmed? Tired? Anxious? If so, recognize this and try to work on finding healthy ways to de-stress like listening to music, going for walks, and even talking to someone.

Another great thing to do this spring break is getting out of your house and be an active member of society. It’s so easy to want to rekindle the love between your bed and you, but there are so

many other things that you could be doing. This spring break, I suggest you try something new and exciting. Like taking up a pottery class. Or that cycling class that you have been avoiding. Life is short, and spring break is even shorter. Make the most of it by getting out of your comfort zone.

While spring break is the perfect opportunity for you to disregard your responsibilities, I would suggest using the time to update your resume and apply for summer internships. Spring break means that summer break is only a few weeks away. It’s time for you to invest in your future and think about what you want to be doing this summer other than taking selfies of yourself at home. (No judgment here, I love taking selfies too). Applying for internships is hard work during the semester especially when you are juggling five classes, three clubs, and a job. Now is your chance to take a serious look at those internships that you saved on LinkedIn but have never gotten around to submitting your application. Trust me, your future self will appreciate you for doing this.

Lastly, have fun! Spring break is about recharging and enjoying the last bit of freedom you have before the last half of the semester. Hang out with your friends. Attend a concert. Eat junk food and watch all the romantic comedies available on Netflix until the crack of dawn. As a college student, you deserve to have a little bit of fun for all the hard work you put into the school year. Use your spring break to celebrate your hard work (just don’t celebrate too hard). So, get out there and enjoy yourself this spring break. You’ve earned it.   

Chanila German is a student at Montclair State University and expects to complete her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism with a concentration in Television and Digital Media in May 2020. She's an avid reader and podcast-junkie. During her time off from school and work, she's usually somewhere with her camera taking photos.
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