How Negative Labels Manifest Negative Results

I recently attended a retreat where we had a conversation about the negative and positive things we say when referring to ourselves. Many of us shared the negative things we've said about ourselves that we didn't really mean. Things such as calling yourself annoying because you love to tell jokes or saying “I’m ugly right now” when you’re not looking your best. Some of us shared that we call ourselves “fat” because we don’t look like your average ‘Instagram Baddie'.

I shared that whenever I do not complete something, I refer to myself as “lazy” or if I make a mistake I’ll blurt out “Oh my god, I’m so stupid.” These names and labels we use to refer to ourselves are signs of how we feel internally.

If you refer to yourself as lazy and fat, will you ever find the strength to set new health goals for the new year and stick to them? 

If I call myself stupid and tell myself that studying does not help me, will I meet my academic goals? 

Many times we take on these labels without realizing how they affect other aspects of our life, such as our personal and professional relationships, spiritual growth, and mental stability. ​

Take some time on your day off and practice some good self-care! Whip out your notebook and write down five affirmations that will motivate you throughout the week. After that, write down all the labels you have given yourself over the year. Circle the labels you are proud of and cross out the labels you would like to detach from. Hang that paper on your bathroom mirror or bedroom wall as a reminder of the things you are working on.

Believe in your abilities and manifest your dreams by working on them endlessly. Remind yourself that hard work pays off. You can’t manifest your goals or dream position if you limit your abilities. Be fearless and push your doubt aside. 

"You manifest what you believe, not what you want." – Sonia Ricotti


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