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Our lives have changed drastically over the past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t come out stronger as individuals and as a society. People are sad, lonely, angry, confused and afraid– I don’t blame them. But, we can’t let negative emotions consume us. It’s crucial that we search for light in every corner. I feel it’s important to tap into spirituality to ease the mind, especially with all the fear circling the world, and crystals can help achieve that. Believe it or not, crystals contain energy and emit vibrational frequencies just like we do! So, in an attempt to help ease the anxiety from the overwhelming uncertainty around us, here’s a list of some crystals that can bring comfort and light to these dark times.


Known for improving spiritual awareness, ridding of fear and anxiety, and promoting peaceful, calming energy. It also helps one feel less alone by connecting with angel guides.

Black Tourmaline

One of the most powerful protection stones. It helps eliminate any negative energies and transforms low vibrations into high vibrations. Promotes balance and eases fear. 


Relieves stress from overwhelming or unfamiliar situations. Cleanses surrounding environment, heals the aura and connects with angel guides.


Known for clearing out negative energy, rather than absorbing it. Encouraging new beginnings, positive thoughts, and fullness of life. Great for the imagination and manifestation. 


Like the moon itself, moonstone helps you find the light in times of darkness. It helps promote balance, calmness, and health. Aids in emotional and spiritual growth.

Phantom Quartz

Its strong transformational power helps with major life changes and transitional periods. Allows one to get past moments of feeling “stuck”.


A protective stone that brings peace and tranquility. Clears any confusion in the mind. Great for clearing anxiety, fear, anger, and grief. Brings protection from the angelic realm.

Smoky Quartz

This crystal is known for promoting strength and stability. It absorbs and alters negative energy in the environment and protects against many negative emotions like stress, fear, and jealousy.

Kayla is a senior at Montclair State University, majoring in Communication and Media Arts. She is a beauty and fashion fanatic with hopes of working in the Beauty Industry after college. She has a knack for fine arts, enjoys writing, and is a dedicated yogi.
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