Affirmations for First Generation College Students

With fewer role models, guidance, and support, being a first-generation college student can feel like a one-man battle. You may find yourself feeling out of place or wondering if you can achieve those goals that seem so far-fetched. Here are some affirmations and reminders to get you through the year…

You belong here!

No matter what they say, no matter your past, no matter the obstacles you may encounter. Doubt can take over your ambition only if you stop wavering your flag.

Trust the process!

Sometimes we resist change because we are used to a certain set of habits. You are now in a new environment that encourages growth. Be trusting in your pursuit to success. 

Your smarts are unique!

We often look to our peers and compare ourselves. We question why we have to study harder than some or why we learn differently than others. Your intelligence is uniquely designed for you, not one person is the same, and you shouldn’t compare where you do not compete. Most times in college many of us are going in completely different directions. What’s good for the duck is not always good for the goose.

Stand firm in your passion!

Ask any college student how many times someone has tried to belittle or talk them out of their major or career path they have chosen. Do not let anyone deter you from what you love or your life's passion. You never want to stray away from your calling because of someone’s opinion.

Have fun! This is the perfect time to enjoy life! These are your golden years do not spend too much time trying to plan every second of your life because at any moment the directions to your destination can change.

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