Tips to Get Back into the Back-to-School Mood

My college works on a fourteen week schedule we just started classes after Labor Day. So, while most of my home friends have been gone since the middle of August, I was sitting around in my hometown just stressing about all of the obligations I would be facing this semester. As a junior, last semester really kicked my butt and I know that this year is going to have their own challenges and more. It's only been six whole days of classes and I feel more unprepared and already done with school than ever before. Getting back into the swing of things with my courses, workload, extra-curricular activities, and my job is really taking a toll on me. So, I compiled a list of my best getting back back-to-school tips.


  1. Exercising: It took me a while to actually utilize this as a release method, but I have personally felt like it really works. Every time I got overwhelmed or anxious over the summer, I would go on long walks and I would come back home with a clear mind and in a better mood. With me living right on the beach this year, I will always be walking along the boardwalk when things are really getting overwhelming.


  1. Using a planner: It sounds cliché and we have all seen the meme about the girl with millions of colors of pens spread out on the desk writing in perfect calligraphy handwriting in her planner, but I have really seen how much these planners help. I just have a monthly one, not a week by week one, but as soon as I get my syllabi, I write when all my assignments are due in my classes for the semester. I also write down club meetings and other events, so I can break down my week by what I have to do, and it is all laid out in front of me.


  1. Self-care: Everyone says it, but self-care is actually more than using a facemask. It can even be only 10 minutes the end of the day to do some meditating and reflecting on the day. Or it can be taking a whole Friday night to relax and watch Netflix and yes, of course, it can include a face-mask. Making time for yourself, especially at super stressful times is the best way to reset yourself by taking a little time for you.


  1. Treat yourself: I’m a big advocate of this. Maybe spend the extra $5 at Target to get that super cool pillow or go a little crazy in the dollar section. We are so hard on ourselves all the time that we also need a special treat every once in a while.


  1. Make time to study, but also for fun: Of course, we all need to focus on our task at hand, if that is studying, classes, or work. I like to plan when I am going to do my work and study time, so I also do have time to hang out with my friends and do fun things as well. It’s important to have a healthy balance between the two so you are falling behind in class but also aren’t becoming isolated because you only do homework and study.