Living in the Moment: Right Here, Right Now


Wherever you are, be all there - Jim Elliot

Wherever you are now, wether it be the bathtub after a long day or waiting for your exam time to start, take a second to actually ask yourself “Where are you in life?”

Here we are getting ready to wrap another semester. I don't know about you but each semester keeps going faster and faster. Our lives as college students will be coming to an end here shortly. Sometimes I still can't even process that I made it this far. I have passed my general classes and getting settled into my program.

It's normal for life to keep going. We live out each day in routine and get through each week. But as I cross days off on my calendar and flip through the months, what have I done? What have I done to make this time memorable and meaningful.

Our 20s are the most changing time in our lives. Relationships come and go. Our values transition into new meanings. We need to find a job we want to do. Homework and papers need to be turned in. Should we consider going to grad school right away? We are finally reaching some of our goals. Do we want to stay in our home state or go adventure out a little?

In all this chaos you need to remember to be here and enjoy this time. This is the life we only get for a short while. We only get 10 years of being 20 something.