Cloe Thelemann: How Her Fitness Journey Pushed Her to Help Others

From senior year of high school through the beginning of freshman year of College, all Cloe cared about was her friends and going out. Until winter break, when she went home and had a talk with her mom about her health and appearance. Her mom was getting married the following summer and knew it was in Cloe's best interest to look and feel good about herself - the wedding pictures were going to be there forever. Cloe and her mom decided to start going to a personal trainer to create a healthy lifestyle. After about 3-4 months of workouts at 6 AM with a personal trainer, she lost 20 pounds before her mom's wedding. Inspired by her progress, Cloe started working at Fitness for 10 in Mankato. After watching all of the dedicated regulars passionately workout, she decided she wanted to become a certified personal trainer and help other people achieve their fitness goals. Cloe has been a certified fitness coach since October 2015.

"Training is different for every client. Whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, injuries. I am always learning, there are always opinions - not all trainers agree with what you’re doing with your clients, so a lot of times you second guess yourself and have to remind yourself that you know what's best for your client."

Cloe currently has 17 clients at the gym, along with being a full-time student at Minnesota State Mankato. She explains being a personal training as a job where you have to love people - training is a 24/7 job! "If a client texts me outside of the hours, I have to help them because it's their well-being."

Looking forward: Female Fit Camp will start in January 2017. As the only female trainer at her gym, Cloe is in very high demand for female clients. Her goal with Female Fit Camp is to educate women about their personal fitness and give them the tools to reach their fitness goals. Females are intimidated by men. Females commonly say “I don’t want to go to the free weight area; I don’t want to lift around guys.” It takes a lot of practice, patience, and the willingness to learn. Cloe says from personal experience that "no one who is lifting around you cares about what you're lifting or how you're doing it; they are all there to focus on themselves." Cloe wants females to feel comfortable while working out and give them an environment to thrive in. These sessions will focus on basic exercises and nutrition, with a general program that anyone can follow. I want to EDUCATE females on their fitness. You don’t have to be a member at Fit for 10.

Program details:

  • Starting January 2
  • Six week program
  • Meeting twice per week
  • Registration will start mid-December
  • $350, ($25/per session)
  • Full weigh in and weigh out, with competitions and prizes
  • More info coming soon

"One thing I don’t like about the fitness industry right now is that it is all it is promoting how sexy you can look and promoting “look how good I look, I can do this for you.'"

Her Campus: What is your involvement on campus? Do you hold any positions?

Cloe: "PRSSA - I am established as a trainer now so I am able to focus on other things too. I love the group of people, they are amazing."

HC: How do you manage all of the activities you are a part of?

Cloe: "I literally don’t know. I am really good at working under pressure, I thrive off of it. I use my work calendar for everything because it already has my class schedule."

Watch for more information about Cloe's Female Fit Camps!