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Being Mindful of how you Talk to Yourself and What you Feed your Mind

What is consuming your mind? Do you feed your mind with positive thoughts? Inspirational podcasts or good books? Do you tell yourself you will pass that test or fail that test? Do you talk to yourself positively or negatively? Do you believe in yourself? Or do you give up easily? You may wonder why I am asking these simple questions. I’m asking them because they all MATTER. Everything you tell yourself, everything you feed your mind is what consumes you. Simple enough. This concept came to me later than what I would have wanted it to, but I am a big believer in it now.


How do you talk to yourself? Do you tell yourself that you are beautiful? That you are strong, independent and have the whole world going for you? When you start to believe in all these things, you start to become them. You need to talk to yourself in a positive manner because when you start to believe all those things about yourself, so will EVERYONE else! When you begin to tell you are slipping into negative thoughts, turn your mindset into everything you love about yourself or everything you are proud of yourself. Become more self-aware of your thoughts, talk to yourself positively and you will see a difference.


When it comes to testing time in school, do you go into the test saying that you are going to fail it? Or that you are going to absolutely crush it? This is another form of what you feed your mind. You need to believe you are going to go into that test and absolutely CRUSH it. No, you are not going to fail it, you will walk in confident and rock it.


I challenge you to start to talk positively to yourself. I challenge you to believe in yourself. I have found these aspects to positively impact my life. If it wasn’t for believing in myself first and talking to myself positively, I would NOT be where I am today or aiming for the goals I am aiming at. 


Kalli Steinberg

Minnesota '20

I am currently a senior at Minnesota State University - Mankato studying Business Marketing. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, being outside, running, working out and shopping.
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