5 Ways To Get Better Sleep

With finals just around the corner, it’s important to get good sleep. Sleep in college can definitely be a challenge; with exams, jobs, and attempting to balance a social life, we are all incredibly busy. However, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is vital for success. Here are a few helpful tips for those of us who are struggling with getting good sleep:

  1. Taking short 20 minute naps throughout the day can be very beneficial to overall sleep health, just make sure to set that timer!

  2. Ending your evening with yoga can really help you fall asleep, and stay asleep. Gentle yoga is a wonderful mix of mind and body exercise.

  3. Go to bed and wake up roughly the same time everyday (yes, even on the weekends). This will help your brain and body get into a routine.

  4. Try not to eat a big meal before bedtime. If you’re hungry, eating a small, healthy snack is the best option.

  5. Try not to look at a screen before bed. If you’re anything like me, that feels impossible. However, your body isn’t able to wind down with a brightly lit screen. Try reading a book or journaling instead!