Body By Simone: My New Fitness Favorite

As a dancer, cross training is incredibly important for preventing injury, and I am always on the lookout for new fitness classes to try. My problem as of lately has been that I take classes that I pay a lot of money for, and they don’t end up being that great of a workout. Barre class was kind of a breeze, and cycling is difficult but I don’t feel like a get a great cardio workout. Though I love Pilates, I also need to work on endurance. Exercise classes are extremely expensive, so I wanted to find a class that was worth the investment, and Body By Simone is certainly that. Like any great workout, I immediately got hooked, and now find myself doing crazy things like waking up at 6 am on a Saturday morning to go take class. Here’s what you need to know:


BBS is a dance based workout class, founded by Simone De La Rue, a professional dancer turned fitness mogul. The Chelsea studio offers a variety of classes, but my favorite has been Full Body. You start with a simple warmup, then move into a super fun dance cardio sequence, then onto arms, more dancing, glutes, a final cardio push, and abs. The first class absolutely kicked my butt...but in the best possible way.  I immediately booked another class because I wanted to go back. My opinion? The class works so well because it is fun. It is a bit of a stretch for me to say that I ever enjoy cardio, but when I am dancing to a great playlist, it just feels like I am pushing through a dance routine as opposed to pounding the pavement. Additionally, this class is true to its name and really targets every muscle group in your body while working your endurance. This  is great because I can go for my fifty-five minute class and then be done with my workout for the day. This method targets everything that I need, and that is the best feeling after being on the hunt for a good workout. 


I was a little nervous for the class at first because everyone told me it was going to be super difficult. It certainly was, but it didn’t feel at all threatening. Every teacher that I’ve had so far has been extremely kind and encouraging, and classes are filled with people from all backgrounds (read: you don’t have to be in the greatest shape of your life to hang in this class. Just come with a good attitude and be prepared to work hard). I feel like there is so much room for growth in the class, but I don’t feel discouraged if I am not quite up to par in certain areas yet. After all, the best part about fitness is challenging yourself daily, and gaining that strength for yourself. I am so excited to continue to grow through BBS. 


You can sign up for daily classes at BBS here in Chelsea. It is available on ClassPass as well, which is another major plus. Now go get your sweat on!