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At the end of the holiday season, many people feel refreshed enough to develop new goals as they enter into the new year. For some people though, their pursuit of these resolutions never seems to last for an entire year. Some barely even make it to February. However, this yearly ritual of developing goals is an important one. If you aren’t convinced, here are five reasons you should develop goals.

Goals Give Us Purpose

No one wants to feel as though they are lost or wandering in life. When we develop a reasonable goal, one that actually seems attainable, we are given a new purpose in life. We must choose something worthy of our effort, because the best goals in life change us and may even impact those around us. 

Goals Orient Us

Goals give us purpose, and maybe the achievement of some will only give us instant gratification. However, goals inherently remind us to get focused and realign our priorities. They should make us adjust in small, but important, ways. These adjustments allow us to look at the larger picture in life and keep the big things the most important.

Goals Make Us Grow

Physical and mental effort is necessary when pursuing a goal. Any goal worthy of obtaining is going to come with its bumps in the road or stumbling blocks in the way. Obstacles force us to consider the importance of our task and eventually cause us to strengthen our own character in order to achieve those goals. 

 Goals Bring Gratitude

Let the development, pursuit and achievement of goals serve as a reminder that there is always going to be something worth living for, no matter how small. Find gratitude in the journey and not just the end result. 

Goals Change Our Future

The reason we all work is to achieve an end result that we desire. Developing goals takes thoughtfulness, pursuing goals takes perseverance, and achieving goals changes our future. Maybe the end result is not exactly how you pictured it would look like, but the strength of character necessary in getting there is a worthy enough thing to make you satisfied.  

If you are ready for change, develop goals for yourself. Achieving goals will take perseverance, but the end result is worth the physical and mental challenge it often entails. Don’t be discouraged by time. Do things at your own pace and compare yourself only to who you were before, not those around you. Remember: you don’t have to do it alone. Make some friends along the way and seek support. The right people will love you at your worst, but still push you onward to be your best. Good luck, and Happy New Year!

Just another STL native studying Journalism at Mizzou. Lover of music, books, fashion, and pasta.
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