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Fall. With it brings crunchy leaves, apple cider… and cold weather. Unfortunately, the colder it gets in Missouri, the less we can study outside. I absolutely love taking advantage of Mizzou’s beautiful campus when studying. Not only do I know the best outdoor locations to study— I know the best indoor locations as well. Here are the best locations to study inside at Mizzou.

If you want views: The Rec

1000 Rollins St., Columbia, MO 65203

This option may sound totally random, but if you have ever actually been to the Rec, then you know there are tons of places to study on the second level. There are many desks, high-top tables and comfy chairs that are perfect for studying. The dim lights and dark interior set the mood for a great study session. There are many desks and chairs that are right in front of windows. You can look out into the multiple indoor pools, the outdoor pool or the sidewalks outside. This is a relatively quiet study space and is set up for people to study alone or with one other person. 

If you want resources close by: Student Center

901 Rollins St., Columbia, MO 65211

The Student Center is filled with many different locations that are great for studying. There’s an array of dining locations, so you can grab breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a snack, coffee or smoothie. On the first floor, there are many tables that have one or two chairs that you can use to study and/or eat at. On the second floor, there are more lounger chairs, and it is much quieter. The second floor also provides private study rooms that you can rent out for more intense study sessions or group projects. 

If you want silence: Ellis Library 

520 S 9th St., Columbia, MO 65201

Ellis Library has become my absolute favorite place to study this fall. There are so many different parts of the library that are good for any kind of studying. As you go up the library’s levels, it gets increasingly quiet. On the first floor, there is a café which is great for studying in small groups or getting a bite to eat with a coffee. On the second floor, it is mostly silent, but you can definitely work alone on notes or an essay for class in comfort. The top floor is absolutely silent. I would recommend doing your intense studying here, like studying for a big test. 

If you want to witness the action: Pershing Hall 

909 Hitt St., Columbia, MO 65212

This is a great spot to meet with study groups because it is rarely ever completely silent here. It is a good place to collaborate because there are many tables and chairs that you can easily move around. There is also a Mizzou Market close by, so you can get something to eat when you are working.

If you have a craving: Memorial Union 

518 Hitt St., Columbia, MO 65201

Memorial Union is the perfect place to stop if you have some downtime in between classes. The building has a Starbucks and Wheatstone Bistro, which both accept meal plans. This makes it a great place to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee or just a snack. It is a good place to catch up on some homework or meeting with a small group. This location is usually pretty crowded and it is rarely ever totally quiet. However, if you make your way up to the second floor, it is much quieter and easier to focus if you need to study. 

My name is Julia Canellis. I am a journalism major at the University of Missouri with hopes of attending law school. I am from Chicago, Illinois and I love playing tennis and listening to podcasts in my free time. Email: [email protected]
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