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Do you ever start to feel unmotivated once the winter months roll around? I feel the exact same way! I’m not a gym rat in the slightest but I do like to do small, low-impact workouts a few times a week to stay healthy. I have a few great workouts that you should add to your routine, especially when it gets too cold to hit the gym or you’re just having one of those days where you’re not up for it. Here are five great workouts to try this winter! 

Yoga for celebrating by Yoga With Adriene 

There is genuinely no workout as great as a yoga practice, in my opinion! This is a great way to start your day! It’s a low-impact option and yoga not only works on physical health but mental health as well. It can reduce stress which is helpful around the winter before you have finals or other obligations to worry about. I have several friends who have done this particular yoga practice with me, and they have all loved it.

“It is a low-impact workout that leaves great results and also incorporates stretching and movements to become more flexible,” says Mallory May, a frequent participant.

I hope you give this workout a try and that it can help you get out of the winter blues. 

12 Min Toned Abs Pilates Workout by Eylem Abaci 

To be honest, I am new to Pilates. In fact, I prefer reformer Pilates over mat Pilates, but during those cold months, it’s more realistic for me to get a workout in at home. The reformer is the machine that you would typically see in a pilates class while the mat is just a floor workout. This is a great 12-minute workout because it’s just the right amount of difficulty for beginners like myself, but it’s not too challenging to the point where I feel that I can’t complete the workout. I feel very accomplished when I finish this workout even though it is so short. It makes me feel productive and it gets my heart rate going, which I consider a win when I just want to be sedentary while it’s freezing outside.

20 Min Total Core/Ab Workout by Move With Nicole 

My favorite thing about this workout is that there is no equipment needed and it is specifically designed to be an at-home workout. The two previous workouts also do not need equipment but for this to be a longer Pilates workout, I would usually expect there to be some fancy equipment that I don’t have. This particular workout is a challenge for me, but it definitely has improved my core strength and is perfect for days when I have a little extra time and still want to feel motivated and active for the day. I like to save this one for the weekends especially in the winter because I can’t get myself to walk to the Mizzou Rec. I also love the commentary that Nicole provides throughout. She gives options if you want an extra challenge or not which I think is great. You can always switch up what you’re doing depending on how you feel and once you’ve done the routine a couple of times it becomes less challenging.

“It was very relaxing and got my mind off school and stresses in my life. It allowed me to spend 20 minutes for myself and was overall a great experience,” says Kylie Fouts, my sister who also happens to be my workout partner.

We love to throw some music on in the background as well and it keeps us motivated. Having a friend or someone to work out with always makes the experience better! 

12 Min Booty Workout by Move With Nicole 

If you couldn’t tell, I love “Move With Nicole’s” YouTube channel. This is my favorite workout for sculpting Pilates because it’s easy on the knees and there are no squats involved. I feel like everyone thinks squats are the end all be all when it comes to sculpting, but that does not have to be the case. I also love this workout because it’s only 12 minutes long and requires no equipment. I think it’s great for at-home in the winter and it helps me switch up my workout routine and stay motivated. I particularly love yoga and Pilates so this is a great workout for me. I hope you can give this one a try and that it will be a great addition to your workout routine! 

Detox and Reset by Yoga with Adriene 

This is my personal favorite workout. This is the “Detox and Resent Yoga” practice from Adriene. It is a perfect routine during finals week when you just need a break and need to refresh. Even after the last few stressful days of the semester come to an end, this is the perfect workout for a Sunday evening.

Now, this practice is a lot longer than the previous workouts I’ve shared, it’s about 40 minutes, but trust me it is worth it. If you’re new to yoga I would recommend trying the first yoga video I shared, but this one is great for when you’ve got a lot more time and some practice in. Using this video as my daily workout makes me feel refreshed and makes my mind a lot calmer. It’s great for core toning and to ease your mind while making you feel strong. If you want to incorporate any workout into your weekly routine, I would highly recommend this! Even if you are an advanced gym rat and this isn’t the type of workout you would pick for yourself, I think you should give it a try. As great as it is to be active and focus on strengthening your body, this yoga session is wonderful for your mental health and can have a huge impact on how you start your week.

Overall, I hope you can find these workouts beneficial and incorporate them into your weekly routine. I think they’re all great for staying at home since they require no equipment and are low-impact. I know this may be geared toward beginners but if you want to try yoga or Pilates for the first time, I believe this is a great place to start! Have a great winter and stay warm readers! 

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