Why Do It Yourself When the Crock Pot Will Do It For You?


Last semester I finally moved to an off campus apartment. I loved having more space and the freedom to cook my own food. I got the smallest meal plan there is and knew that I would start cooking most of my meals from scratch; and I did...at first. But as the semester went on and my classes gave me more and more work and I had less and less time, my grocery list went from raw chicken, spices and sauces to more ramen and mac and cheese. One night, I decided to use my crock pot my parents got me when I moved in. I bought all the ingredients for what I wanted to make, put it all in the crockpot the night before, and turned it on as I left for school. When I got back, Tada! My food was ready to eat and delicious. Crock pots are super easy ways to get that fresh home cooked meal we all want without all the hassle and stress. Here are my favorite recipes to make in the crock pot!


1. Chicken and dumplings

Chicken and dumplings is a perfect homestyle meal complete with the extra love of carbs and sauce. You can find the recipe here, but for most of these you just throw the ingredients in.


2. Santa Fe Chicken

I eat Latin inspired more food probably way more than I should, so it’s no surprise this delicious dish has made one of my top favorites. Loaded with beans and vegetables, this one is a lighter option than chicken and dumplings or most other homestyle meals. I like to serve this one over brown rice. Check it out here.


3. Chili

Chili hits differrently during the fall time, and though it’s not too chilly outside just yet, this easy to make make recipe is still perfect year round and is a wonderful addition to any hot dogs or hamburgers at a barbeque. Get the recipe here.


4. Shepard's Pie

I will admit, though this shepard's pie is not as good as my grandmas, it’s still pretty yummy and as college students it’s lucky enough it’s homemade. I love shepard's pie because you have your starch, protein, and veggies all together. No need to stress over sides! Get the recipe here.


5. Blueberry Dump Cake

You really didn’t think I could not suggest any dessert ideas, did you? This blueberry dump cake is the perfect way to end a summer evening, throw some vanilla ice cream on it and you’re set! Get the details here.

Happy Eating!!




*Photos courtesy of Delish.com, SkinnyTaste.com, TasteofHome.com, momswithCrockpots.com, and Pinterest