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Cooking can be a fun way to make yourself and others something good to eat! It can be as simple as some grilled cheese or you can whip out a fancy, five-star-worthy dish. There are many benefits to skipping fast food on your way home and having a home-cooked meal. These are just a few reasons why cooking can be a very valuable skill to have.

It’s Cheaper 

Having food and groceries available can be a lot cheaper than eating out at a restaurant or buying fast-food. Purchasing fast-food may look cheaper, but in reality, those receipts will add up rather quickly. If you plan ahead and make a grocery list for the meals you are going to make weekly, it can turn out to be a lot cheaper. You can buy ingredients that can be used in several different dishes and you can even save any leftovers for a lunch the next day. You can even get a free grocery rewards/bonus card that allows you to rack up some points to use towards gas for your car and applies discounts and deals to your shopping list. You can also get into couponing to reduce your final grocery bill even further. 

It’s Healthier 

Unlike at fast-food establishments, you have access to fresh produce, meats, and dairy at grocery stores. You could use these healthy and fresh ingredients to make similar dishes to those you like at restaurants, and it is not only cheaper but it will most likely be healthier for you too. When you shop for your own ingredients you have a better chance at knowing exactly what you are buying and what it consists of, especially if you choose to buy your items at farmers’ markets or local shops. You will feel much better after eating a home-cooked meal rather than eating a Big Mac from McDonald’s. 

You Have Full Control Over How Your Meal is Cooked

If you are a bit on the pickier side and tend to send food back in restaurants, you can cook your meal to your own liking. You have full control over how long something is cooked and how the food is seasoned. While cooking, you can taste test your creation and add something you think might be missing. While you are eating your home-cooked meal, you can feel proud for making something for yourself and feel accomplished for making the way you like it. 

Starting With the Basics Can Make it Easy

If you are first learning to cook, it is much better to start with the basics rather than jumping into making an extravagant meal. Start off with making a basic pasta dish, scrambled eggs, rice and beans, quesadillas, etc. Once you start getting to more complicated dishes, everything else you have made before will be a piece of cake. 

It Can Be Fun!

Playing your favorite type of music and cooking with your significant other can be so much fun! Cooking doesn’t have to be boring or bland, you can spice it up (literally with spices) but also by adding some friends or family into the mix while jamming to some tunes. You can start to create your own recipes and feel comfortable taking your skills wherever you want to take them. 

Cooking can be so beneficial. It is not only better for your physical health, but it can be great for your mental health as well! There are so many cookbooks, cooking shows, YouTubers, and social media influencers that you can follow for any help or ideas! Soon you can be trading recipes with friends or family and impressing them with your cooking skills. Once you get cooking, you will barely want to go anywhere else for food! Start cooking, your skills might surprise you!

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