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As we’re caught up in the shuffle of everyday life, it can be difficult to not sacrifice our welfare for the sake of others. Self-love is important because it allows you to put your mental, physical, and emotional well-being first. Prioritizing yourself can lead to no longer settling for less and choosing things that’ll serve you. Self-love is a concept that we can all struggle with sometimes, but can improve with a few simple methods.


One way to improve upon self-love is to take a break from technology. After scrolling social media for days on end without any breaks, it’s good to detox and unplug. Stepping away from technology and social media can also help you stop comparing yourself to others. Once you reach this mindset it’ll help you on your journey to self-love.


Meditation is another way to gain self-love, as it allows you to practice compassion and acceptance. By using meditation to reach a state of mindfulness, you’re gaining important knowledge not only about yourself but the world around you. Meditation is a good way to calm your mind and to find inner peace, which will be very helpful on the route of self-love. You can find numerous guided meditation videos on YouTube. 


Indulging in yourself is one of the easier ways to practice self-love. You can spoil yourself by saving time for activities or hobbies you enjoy. Dedicating a moment of your day to something that makes you happy is prioritizing yourself. But make sure that these projects help your well-being and growth. You want this indulgence to help you reach sustained joy, not momentary happiness. 


Self-love can also be dependent on those in your atmosphere. Setting boundaries and protecting yourself and space can allow you to bring the right people into your life. When you limit or turn down work or other activities for your well-being, you’re no longer allowing these things to deplete you. Whether it’s physically or emotionally, no longer allowing things to drain you will preserve your energy.


A way to protect yourself is to recognize those in your life who bask in your success with you and to distance yourself from those who take pleasure in your loss. You shouldn’t waste time on those who thrive on your pain. Keeping good company is beneficial for self-love as it helps you establish respect for yourself. Surrounding yourself with those who have the utmost respect for you really boosts your self-perception. 


Celebrating yourself can also enhance self-love. No matter how small or great your achievements are, it’s good to commemorate them. Taking pride in what you’ve accomplished helps with your confidence and can boost your motivation. 


Self-love isn’t always going to be a linear path. It takes unlearning old mindsets and creating new space for everything we need to grow. By implementing these methods into your lifestyle every now and then, you can improve your self-love immensely. It’s good to recognize when you’ve been sacrificing a lot for others and start to prioritize yourself.

Taylor Green

Millersville '23

Hi, my name is Taylor Green. I'm class of 2023 at Millersville and I'm a Digital Journalism Major and a Strategic Public Relations Minor. I enjoy shopping and listening to music and anything from the early 2000s.
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