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How to Not Gain the Freshman 15

By Bella Zarlengo

1. Take the stairs

There is no doubt some of your classes this semester will be third, maybe even the fourth floor. You may be panting by the time you get to class, but you should always push yourself to take the stairs instead of waiting for an elevator. You burn about one and a half calories for every ten upward steps you take, those will add up fast.

2. Eat healthy

Dining halls are hard. I know those chicken nuggets look good, and those french fries, and that pizza. But I promise there’s also a really nice salad bar. Make yourself a salad and grab some grilled chicken to add to it. You can also ask for gluten free pasta if you’re a carb addict like me. Your mom’s not here to force you to eat your fruits and veggies so you have to start making that decision yourself.

3. Workout

Grab a friend and go to the rec center. You have access to all the equipment for free and, trust me, there is plenty of equipment to use. Sometimes going to the gym can be nerve wracking if you’re not exactly sure what you should be doing, all you have to do is pull up a workout from Pinterest, grab some five pound dumbbells, and get to work. Even going on the elliptical for 20 minutes will help you feel more active and motivated.

4. Get out of bed

I know, that Netflix show is amazing. But Netflix will still be there tonight after you workout and eat a salad for dinner. You probably have lots of homework to do and errands to run. So go to the library and finish that essay, walk to the package center and pick up that care package from your mom. Be as productive as you can, then, once everything is done, you should lay down and catch up on your favorite show.

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