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The Rock That Is Hardships and How To Overcome

 The rock represents our problems and difficulties. Our obstacles. Our doubts, issues, things to solve, thing we haven’t figure out. All those things that bother us for some reason and that get in our way. All those things that don’t let us move on. Those things that hurt us. That get us stuck in the mud and become a heavy weight. A rock is something we can’t deal with. Something that we don’t want to come to terms with. We try to ignore it but, there comes a time, were it hurts you so much and has such a negative impact in your life, that you can’t ignore it anymore. A rock is something that we carry. Something that is very hard for us (whatever the reason might be) to let go. It is something that we believe belongs to us in a way because we think it’s some kind of “destiny” and that there is no way to get rid of it, and we hate it. Something we criticize and get mad and complain for every day. But we get used to “the rock”. We think we need it. We got used to it. In addition, we don’t let it go because we are afraid for many reasons. We think that we can’t do it. That we are not strong enough. A part of us is worried about what we would do without the rock. As I said before, we got so accustomed to it that it became a part of us. We cannot separate from this situation. We end up being that same rock, an attribute that we never inherited. But, because of it, not only do we end up being what we are not; if not also, we don’t know who we are at all. It becomes us. We think that we cannot live without it. That we would die. It is something that stop us. That sinks us. If you let it get out of hand, it can convert us into malicious souls. Rocks are something we have to work on. Something we still haven’t learned yet. A “test” that hasn’t been passed. It’s something that is preventing us to get to our desires and goals. Something that ends up harming us. Sometimes a rock can come out of the blue, unexpectedly. Something that is not in our plans and got in the middle of the way. Rocks are something we don’t want to face. Something we don’t want to work on. Something we don’t want to fight. We can also change those “don’ts” into “cant’s”. Because, honestly, many times we do not believe we can face, deal or fight problems. So, it’s a bit more complicated than that. It’s something we don’t want to recognize, deny or avoid. A feeling that we try to get out of the way but is very hard to do. It’s overwhelming, impossible, and very exhausting through our eyes. Especially when you don’t know where to start. And we always end up trading with “the rock” in ways that are not very productive. Ways that are not helpful. A rock is an entity that you think belongs to you, a responsibility of sorts. An entity that gets you crazy, upset, depressed, sad, disorientated, tired and might even make you want to give up and quit. It doesn’t let you evolve or grow. It can get the worst out of you. They can leave you behind. A rock is something you think has no solution or you consider you will never get out of. Something you find very hard or that you think or consider you should do something about. Something that you consider a tragedy or even harming and affects you in a negative way and you are not even noticing it. Something you consider yourself to be stuck with, but that shocks you when you are free and leaves you in a state of not knowing how to continue. Something that is bad, but you keep it up anyways. A rock can be many things. Surprisingly, a rock can be very helpful and good too. A rock can serve for whatever you use it for. A rock, at the end, it’s just a rock. The rock, at the end, it’s you.

  We must thank the rock because the rock makes us realize all that we are missing. It makes us realized why we missed all that. And we found out, that it was because of us. That we had, in a way, looked for it. All the past, present and possible future consequences of being and living the way that we are living.  The rock also makes us realize that we don’t want that for ourselves anymore. That we want something different. That we must change for that. And that changing is going to hurt, and that we are going to lose many things in the way. But he would gain others that, for him, were, at the end, more important. And also, that (if we don’t let go those things) we are not only not only to have what we want; but we are going to be trapped. The rock reminds us of what we want to live for. The reason we must fight for what we want. What are our real priorities, dreams, and hopes are. Our goals in life. It gives us a reason to live. We must thank the rock for showing us all of this. For making us a better person. For helping us evolve. We should thank the rock for all we have learned from it. For being a before and an after. And for showing us what we must never be again. For showing not only what we did and what we do but showing these things in a different way. We have to thank the rock for being there. For being our rock. For having accompanied us through a brave but strong and meaningful time. And time after time, you must say goodbye and be able to move on. At the end, we thank the rock for being a rock.


Mi biggest gole in life is to be able to heal what you cant see. To be able to see people even when they fell invisible.
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