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Best Places to Meditate in Miami



         As people, it is a natural and common factor of life for stress to be present in one’s life. Many causes for stress can include school, work, relationships and personal issues. It may not be due to merely one of these elements, but it can also be a mix. Overworking the mind and body can unravel many health issues and aggravate the spirit itself. The fast moving and urban lifestyle that is present in a city such as Miami, can take a toll on some and can lead to mild to severe aftermaths of anxiety, depression, insomnia or eating disorders. Therefore, it is of great importance that you listen to what your body is telling you. One of the most vital steps for self-care is to stop thinking and take a moment to yourself in the day to relax your mind while focusing your energy on where it is needed. With National Stress Awareness day being around the corner on November 7th, you should take the day off and treat yourself with something that brings you calmness and happiness. Make that a habit every now and then to serve as a reminder that we all need a day off to reconnect with ourselves and align our true priorities. If you are new to this style of relaxation and are in need of a guide to peace of mind, then here are a few spots to hit up in Miami to start off your journey:


  1. Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park is located within the heart of downtown Miami at Bayside Marketplace. They offer a wide range of yoga classes for free across the week and those behind the program also hold yoga classes in other areas of Miami such as Museum Park and Jose Marti Park. Nothing gets better than being outdoors and having the sun shining on you while doing a great workout. Waking up and doing yoga/meditation first thing in the morning will start off your day on the right foot. So, put that phone away and get moving! You can check out the schedule on their website at www.bayfrontparkmiami.com/YogaClasses.html


  1. Innergy Meditation

This studio offers both a deep insight and genuine experience of meditation and demonstrates the attributes and process of creating a space for yourself to reset in times of stress. The meditation studio offers a variety of practices seven days a week. From the traditional closing of the eyes and focusing on the breath to a hi-tech class where you put on a headband that connects to an app on your phone and reads your actual brain data and give real time feedback of your brainwaves in that moment, Innergy Meditation assures a new practice to your daily routine that will cutback overthinking and pressure. Their prices range from twenty-dollar single classes to higher and more thorough sessions.


3. Eventbrite

Yoga has always been the larger practice of the two, but meditation is much more intricate and just as vital to life. Unfortunately, it is not as easily found to be taught by many in the Miami area. But do not lose hope! On the renowned website and app that is Eventbrite you can find almost any kind of event for every time and day of the year. From free or affordable to luxurious priced events, Eventbrite is sure to bring you both yoga and meditation-based occasions. The upcoming meditation practice that Eventbrite brings to the table, will take place at Alexia Meditation and Yoga Lounge on 17070 Collins Ave., Ste #254, Sunny Isles Beach, Fl 33160 Wednesday evening at 6pm on November 7th. Just a taste of what this website


4. Inhale Miami

Located in Miami’s Little Haiti, Inhale studio creates a positive and zenful ambiance to those of different practicing levels of yoga and meditation. The best part is that they are not limited to merely yoga and meditation, but they also host holistic events, workshops, dance parties. The studio brings a wide assortment of experienced holistic healthcare practitioners who provide individualized and holistic treatments in this incredible oasis of tranquility and unity of people. If diversity is what your looking for then Inhale is the place to go too!



A free spirit who was born and raised in sunny Miami, Fl, Valerie currently studies at Miami-Dade College and is working toward a degree in journalism in hopes of making a difference in the world by unraveling her inner activist through her writing and actions. Everyday making progress little by little.
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