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The world of meditation is a deeply satisfying one. In times of uncertainty and stress, this ability to both connect and disconnect simultaneously – a way to both remove yourself from your expectations of tomorrow because of the trust you have in yourself today – was bizarre and intriguing. I tried it for myself, and slowly, meditation became an integral part of my daily routine, in its ability to instill peace and trust. Within the world of spirituality and meditation lies an interesting community: crystal fanatics. Each one, including myself, with a growing collection of crystals. The appeal of crystals comes with the ability to tangibly represent and enhance various aspects of yourself. Each crystal has its own meaning, purpose and methodology. Whether it be their actual energetic abilities, or simply a placebo effect, crystals can enhance your everyday life by helping you connect with the here and now. The intricacies of working with crystals are overwhelming, with the multitude of rules, guidelines, and procedures. I compiled a master sheet of some basic and advanced crystals for various aspects of your life. 

It’s important to recognize that you need to invest in the crystals in order to feel their effects. While it sounds like witchcraft, the main premise behind it is psychological; the crystal is a tangible motif or reminder that helps you connect with the energy you would like to attract. This is where the importance of setting intentions – the process of clarifying and establishing what you intend to use it the crystals for – arises. You’re essentially building a connection between yourself, the crystal and your desired energy. The majority of crystal users do this by meditating with the crystal. Since this is a rather personal aspect, my advice would be to meditate in whichever way resonates with you the most, but a good way to get started is by using guided meditations on YouTube. It’s also important to note that meditating once with your crystal is usually not enough, as that relationship between yourself and the stone will weaken and distance with time. Thus, regular meditation is necessary. Once you have set the intention, your crystal should be good to go. Now, let’s explore the different crystals and their meanings.

Clear Quartz 

Easily the most fundamental crystal in any collection, clear quartz is a powerful blank page for you to use to for whatever you desire. It helps with providing clarity and can be paired with any other stone to enhance its intention. In my experience, clear quartz is best used in meditation. It helps ground you and clear your mind of negativity, making room for any specific intentions to unfold. Pairing clear quartz with other stones helps enhance your ability to connect with it. I would not recommend carrying clear quartz with you as you go about your day since the majority of its power comes from directing your own energy, and less about attracting specific energies to you. 

Rose Quartz

This beautiful stone has a long history of attracting love, building relationships (whether it be with yourself or with someone else), and opening your heart. Rose quartz has an aura of safety and warmth, making you harmonious and fluid to the changes of life. I find that both meditating and carrying rose quartz with you throughout your day is a powerful way of using this stone. While out and about, it has an ability to make you warmer and more approachable, sparking conversation and unexpected relationships, while meditating with it helps build self-love and self-esteem. 


My personal favourite, citrine, is known as the merchant’s stone for its ability to bring wealth, professional success and luck. Its purpose can be summarised to simply bring good vibes and joy. If you are ever in need of a pick-me-up, citrine is your best bet. Meditating with citrine is a good way to gain momentum in accomplishing your goals, while carrying it with you brings unexpected opportunities and experiences. 

Tiger Eye

Like its name implies, tiger eye taps into your primal nature, bringing confidence, power and drive. This stone brings out ferocity, and an unapologetic attitude. If you have difficulty prioritizing yourself, or breaking people-pleasing habits, I highly recommend carrying this crystal in your pocket, where it will be most effective, due to its confrontational energy. Keeping a piece of tiger eye around you while working is an effective way to enhance focus and ambition.

Black Tourmaline

One of the most protective crystals, black tourmaline is known to repel negative energy and return it back to the sender. With its ability to alleviate fear, anxiety and stress, carrying a piece of black tourmaline as you go about your day can help keep unexpected setbacks away. I find that carrying one with you is the most effective way to stay protected throughout the day. 


Another incredibly powerful stone, moldavite it known for igniting change and new beginnings. I wanted to put out the warning that by no means is this a beginner’s stone. Recently, moldavite has increased in popularity due to platforms like TikTok that broadcast its powerful abilities. It’s important to note that moldavite is not for the faint of heart; it has a reputation of uprooting and derailing the lives of those who dare to work with it and is only meant for those who are ready for change, no matter the means. 

This list of crystals is by no means exhaustive, but a good way to get started. At the end of the day, crystals are tangible reminders of the work you choose to do on yourself. In other words, they don’t work unless you do. That being said, it can also work the other way around; crystals may motivate you to work on yourself. However the journey may look for you, these small tokens are a way to keep yourself grounded and present; the ultimate catalysts for growth.

Shaf Faiza

McMaster '23

Second year physiology major