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Psychedelics: The Best Parts About Drugs 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at McMaster chapter.

Psychedelics! We have always been told since we were kids that drugs are bad. But what if that was all wrong? Of course, there are harmful drugs that can chemically mess with your brain and kill you, but that’s not all drugs. In today’s article, I’m going to talk about the benefits of magic mushrooms and why we should be using them to their fullest potential. I want to remind the reader that this is not medical advice and is purely my own opinion; always see a physician for advice. 

Mushrooms can be a wonderful thing if used correctly and in a safe environment. An article by Healthline says that the chemical in mushrooms, psilocybin, if used in sessions, has the capability to “shake someone out of their routine to give a glimpse of a larger picture, and create a mental plasticity with which people can step outside of these problems.” Essentially, help the treatment of an individual’s feelings of depression, and help them create different perspectives. I once had someone describe mushrooms as an experience that often made you confront your issues and gave you a different perspective. Microdosing mushrooms is slowly becoming a part of therapy and helping people treat their depression and mental issues, such as drug and alcohol addictions. Which is truly an amazing new breakthrough in science. 

Okay, but what are you going to be feeling? Well, if you take enough, you will experience hallucinations. Nothing scary. Just lean into it and enjoy what you see. You may have feelings of euphoria, a sense of unity with the universe, and an open minded inspiration. This happens by “encouraging the interaction of different parts of the brain and creating new neural connections.” Mushrooms can also be a spiritual experience for many. This is personally how I would recommend thinking about mushrooms. Even for an Atheist, mushrooms can be a non-religious spiritual experience. Many people who take mushrooms describe their experience as the most spiritual experience they have ever had. 

But what if I don’t have the resources to get prescribed mushrooms by a therapist? Well, this is why you don’t need to have a prescription to take mushrooms. You can actually buy them online from reputable and safe companies, which blew my mind when I found that out. If you do decide to take them, proceed with caution. Although I am promoting mushrooms, that does not mean you can take them without being careful. With mushrooms, it’s good to take just a little bit your first time, and based on your prior experience, you can gauge your next dosage. You also should not do them super often and it’s important to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. This is a drug, and even though it is a plant based medicine, there is always a chance of unforeseen consequences, like a bad trip. When you decide to go on a trip, make sure you are in a good mindset. As with any narcotic, make sure you are in a good environment that will promote the most well being, and you come in with a willing mindset. This will minimize stress and any negative feelings. Essentially you want all the good vibes going into it. Do not do the trip alone, it’s good to have a “trip sitter” with you. Someone you feel extremely comfortable with and who can take care of you in case you do start having a  bad trip. I personally like to be in nature when I do mushrooms. It makes you feel more at peace and connected to yourself and the Earth. 

So there you go, that’s the basics on mushrooms. Hopefully any stigma around this natural medicine has been remedied. After doing your research, make sure you are always safe and sound. Go into the experience leaning into the emotions and be willing to accept what comes your way in the trip.

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Nicole Kolder

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Hey guys my names Nicole Kolder and I am a writer for HerCampus :) I’m going into my third year for social psych and so happy to share my articles with you!