Beat the Bad News: 5 Charitable On-Campus Events to Do Good & Spread Love

After the sad, dwindling endings of warm weather, OAP, add/drop, and terrasse season, McGill students begin to take their extracurricular and academic commitment much more seriously. October marks the start of a change in pace for student life on campus - midterm exams are dangerously close (or they’ve already started for some unlucky faculties) and your pile of readings is now higher than that stack of coffee mugs on your desk. Yet, somehow, campus bars like 4a7 and Blues Pub keep coming out with fun themes and drink deals that distract from your study schedule and club tabling hours. What’s worse, is on top of all the academic stress, there’s a constant flow of negativity and bad news cycling through all media platforms. Articles describing the world’s imminent end, political scandals, and human rights crimes are as difficult to avoid as that group project message you keep muting.

You know you have to finish three more assignments and worry about global warming once more before you even think about those BDA beers - but you still need a break. How can you focus when there’s such a barrage of overwhelming information on your timeline every day?  We’ve all been there, and I personally feel that the best way to take care of yourself without sacrificing school is taking time to do something you care about. In such dark and depressing times, we need to take care of ourselves and each other; it always feels good to give or do something nice for someone else, and it’s such a bonus that it helps to heal you too.

Fortunately for McGill students, we go to a school full of passionate and caring people that put on so many charitable events. Here are my top 5 upcoming McGill events that allow you to forget that Monday to Friday McLennan grind and focus on the good - all while supporting great causes!


1. Letters for Resistance: Writing Advocacy Against Sexual Violence

The McGill Women’s Health Advocacy Club is hosting a letter-writing event to send messages of thanks, solidarity, and support to Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford for the bravery and resilience shown during her powerful testimony against Kavanaugh, and also to send messages to Congress expressing how you feel about the nomination.

Letters for Resistance: Writing Advocacy Against Sexual Violence will take place on October 22nd from 5:30-8:30 pm on the McGill campus. If you’re frustrated with the blatant acceptance of sexual violence perpetrators or simply in awe of the strength of survivors and want to show support - this event is for you. Learn more here:


2. KKG's Feel the Learn

The first of two spin events, KKG’s Feel the Learn will be on Oct. 20th at 4 pm and will take place at Spin-Energie on Parc Ave. Proceeds will go towards the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation as well as First Book Canada. First Book Canada is a national charity organization that promotes child literacy by providing literary resources to Canadian youth across the country. This is a fantastic way to get your booty out of that library chair and stay active in between study sessions, all while helping out Canadian kids. RSVP here:

3. Plan International Book Swap & Bake Sale

Plan International’s McGill chapter will be hosting a Book Swap & Bake Sale at the Y-intersection on October 18th, starting at 10 am. This event was originally scheduled for October 11th on International Day of the Girl, but it was unfortunately postponed due to weather, so come and support them a second time around! Plan International focuses on promoting girls’ right to education across the world. Baked goods are always the perfect pick-me-up after a day of studying, and a new novel is a great fix to get your mind off of those boring textbooks. All leftover books will be donated to a local women’s shelter. Check this event out and help advance the education of girls everywhere! Find out more here: 


4. Food for Fuel: Midterm SNAC(s) 

The always sustainable S.N.A.C. is taking the initiative to feed the masses during midterm season. Food For Fuel: Midterm SNAC(s) will take place in the McConnell Eng hallway on October 17th from 1-4 pm. The cost is a donation of your choice or a non-perishable food item. All proceeds and food donations will go to feeding the hungry at the Montreal Food Bank. Satisfy your sweet tooth all while feeding someone else - it’s a win-win! Check out the event here:


5. Fit For a Cause 

Finally, our second spin event is with Fit For A Cause - a student-run organization aiming to keep the McGill community physically active through providing by-donation fitness classes. This is the first of their Sunday Spin series and will be held at Spin-Energie on October 22nd at 3:30 pm. All proceeds from this spin event will be going to FACE UP, a local initiative that runs programs for elementary and high school children, offering holistic activities based around positive emotions, engagement, positive relationships, and accomplishment. If you’ve still got energy after Kappa’s Feel the Learn or stress-ate too many brownies from Plan International’s bake sale, come put your cardio to the test! Sign up here:


6. Sigma Chi's Derby Days

Bonus events! Sigma Chi McGill is hosting their annual fundraiser in aims to be the generation to end cancer. From October 15th - 19th, Derby Days is a week-long fundraiser with several different events and donation opportunities, with all proceeds going towards the Hunstman Cancer Foundation and their groundbreaking cancer research. This year, two events are open to the public: a night at Le Petite Grenouille on Tuesday, and an AYCE/AYCD Bottomless Mimosa event at Suwu, which will be $75 on Friday, October 19th at 12:30-3 pm. If you can’t come out and drink for a good cause, donations will be accepted all week here:


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