Come Clean: Skin Care Secrets for Your Freshest Face

“I don’t care about my skin" (said no one ever).

Skin care is such an important part of “life care.” I became interested in skin care in my teen years and it stuck with me into my twenties. I am a self-proclaimed amateur esthetician because I love facials and products to treat my skin well. I try to give myself a facial one to two times a week, and take skin care very seriously. 

When we girls have the sister of a "good hair day", a "good skin day", we feel so confident in ourselves and may not even feel like wearing makeup because we see we're beautiful without it! So, let’s get those "good skin days" rolling in like dough.

Check out these majorly effective skin care tips:

1)  Hydrate.

Begin cleansing your body for clear and beautiful skin by hydrating more often. An adult female should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Green tea is also healthy choice to improve your skin. Be aware of what you drink. Excessive drinking of soda, alcohol, and other sugary drinks may result in more pimples. Everything in moderation!

2)  Improve your diet.

Start within. Just like hydrating your body more, eating more healthfully will also improve the quality and appearance of your skin. Add more fruits and veggies into your diet, and nix junk food. Any fast food, for example, will not work wonders for your skin. You can do much better than that! Avocados, yogurt, pomegranates, and almonds are all foods that will help prevent wrinkles and acne. Dark chocolate also contains potent antioxidants, which will leave your skin glowing!

3)  Exercise more often.

Sometimes the quality of our skin is a reflection of how active we are in our lives. Do you work out? This will help your body get in tip-top shape, as well as reduce any acne you may currently have.

4)  Stress less.

Many people, both women and men, will break out in acne more when they experience an unusual amount of anxiety. Do what you can to maintain your personal peace. College students may have major homework responsibilities and extra-curricular commitments, but it’s still important to step back and give yourself a break. Call someone special to you, journal in a notebook, or read a good book for pleasure. It may seem like these activities have absolutely nothing to do with your skin, but every aspect of taking care of yourself is connected. The more effort you put into this process, the healthier and more independent you will be… with beautiful skin.

5)  Get your beauty rest.

We’ve all had those days where we wake up with dark circles under our eyes, and concealer is the only thing we do to hide them for the next 24 hours. Comm’on! No one wants that, Missy! Going to bed and waking up at a reasonable hour is one of the best steps you can take for yourself and your overall health- not just skin! Time to catch some zzz’s…

6)  Plan your skin care routine around your skin type.

Most people begin to see a pattern in where they usually break out and begin to see their first wrinkles. It varies from person to person. Everyone’s different, so your routine for daily care may be different than your bestie’s. One wise step you can take is to visit a dermatologist and see if they can give you a skin evaluation and tips for skin care. Some of the most common skin types are: normal, dry, oily, and combination.

  • "Normal" typically consists of few blemishes or breakouts, and overall easily manageable skin. Your skin may appear flawless and radiant on a regular basis with little effort or planning.
  • "Dry" is (you guessed it) traditionally "dry", and sometimes cracking, skin. If your skin is dry, your pores may be barely noticeable and your skin may have less elasticity.
  • "Oily" skin is a sign of overactive oil glands, and usually manifests itself through an either dull or shiny complexion with common breakouts. 
  • "Combination" is when you see signs of multiple different skin types. You may see acne more on your forehead, for instance, while your nose remains dry with small pores. 

However, the standard for everyone is to wash your face twice a day, every day. Remember to wake up early enough that you can wash your face, and give yourself enough time before bed for a final cleanse. And continue to repeat!

The most important basic steps will vary for everyone based on their skin type. But, the simplest way to care for your skin is to cleanse and moisturize daily. Try to use products with all natural components- ingredients like lavender, witch hazel, tea tree water, or seaweed are all totally safe bets. Exfoliate every two to three days, depending on how clogged your pores are. This step is often skipped by many, but you will see a difference in looking more youthful and having clearer skin.  Lastly, most women begin to see their first wrinkles under their eyes. So, a good move is to invest in a quality eye cream to use at night. And voila, gorgeous and healthy skin!

There you have your skin care and “life care” challenge, folks! Stay true to yourself and these tips and you’ll begin to see a change in the quality of your skin.