Spring Break(ing) Free of Stress

For most college students, school breaks cannot come soon enough. While the university lifestyle may seem breezy and lighthearted from the outside, students know that beneath all of the fun and games, there’s a layer of schoolwork and drama that can be exhausting for anyone.

Thankfully, spring break is here once again to save the day. The University of Maryland has its spring break starting on March 17 and ending on March 24.

During this time, students are opting to spend their breaks in a variety of ways. Some choose to go to the beach, while others want a relaxing staycation.

Sophomore Leila Farah, a government and politics major, is excited to use her spring break as a chance to catch up on some sleep and hang out with friends. She said that during her breaks “I literally just chill.”


Leila Farah (courtesy of Farah)


While Farah is adamant about spending some quality time with her bed, she also mentioned the possibility of going to New York. She said she’d travel “to visit my brother, but I really just want to visit New York because it’s my favorite place ever.”

Unlike most college students, Farah said that if she could choose her ideal spring break location, she’d avoid the beach because “[she’s] never been, so why would [she] go?”.

Instead, Farah opted for California, where she’d enjoy traversing the many different cities rather than focusing on one area in particular.

Unlike Farah, sophomore psychology major Haley Zawitoski is looking forward to visiting the sunny beaches of Punta Cana.

Zawitoski is traveling with her roommates and mom to the Dominican Republic for a relaxing stay at an all-inclusive resort. She said she’d “like to bring a book” but qualified that that might be “a little ambitious” to assume she’d have the time to read.


Haley Zawitoski (courtesy of Zawitoski)


Aside from reading, Zawitoski’s overall goal for the trip is to relax. She said that in a perfect world, she’d like to tan, but she knows she will burn, so she’s prepared and “will be bringing aloe.”

Sophomore environmental science and policy major Isabel Armbruster isn’t going on a beach getaway like Zawitoski, but she is “ready to have a very restful and rejuvenating break.”

Armbruster plans on getting two small tattoos over break -- a sun on her sternum and a Latin phrase on her hip. She said she plans on doing double tattoos because “two at the same time is cheaper.”


Isabel Armbruster (courtesy of Armbruster)


Along with tattoos, Armbruster also plans on practicing self-care by having her hair and nails done. Perhaps most importantly, after being asked if she had any plans to sleep, Armbruster responded: “Oh yes. A lot.”

She also mentioned that if she could pick her ideal spring break location, it would be somewhere warm, like Florida because she “likes beaches.”

The ways in which students are planning to spend their spring breaks may differ, but their goals are mainly the same: to relax.