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Dismantling Body Image From Spring Break

Alas, spring break season has arrived and girls everywhere are absolutely. freaking. out. But why?

When did a fun vacation with friends start meaning we had to starve ourselves to get the perfect instagram? Probably around the same time millions of women worldwide began to gather around their televisions once a year to watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which, by the way, consists of women over 6 feet tall that weigh no more than about 120 lbs. How wildly unrealistic is that?

The world “angel” could not be more fitting to describe these women, as they are simply not from this planet.

Anyways, there is absolutely nothing wrong with aspiring to achieve a fit, healthy, or toned bod for your spring break vacay. In fact, we always should be pushing ourselves to be our healthiest and happiest self. The key factor is the way we go about it. Eating one walnut for breakfast, lunch and dinner– simply, is not the way to do it. That’ll just make you pass out on your way to Punta Cana.

But how do we go about breaking down the mile-high wall that society has created? The wall that forces us to believe that we must eat only baby food the weeks leading up to spring break? Lets just look at the basics.

As we all know, eating healthy and balanced meals, mixed with daily exercise and sufficient hours of sleep, will show you much better results than depriving yourself of food in any excessive way. Sure, cut out soda or candy. But cutting your morning bowl of cereal will only make you cranky and you’ll end up bombing your 9am calculus exam because you can’t stop thinking about Special K.

That being said, lets all try something different next time around. As a college student, going on spring break can mean jeopardizing your schoolwork the week leading up to (and returning from) vacation, since nothing else is on our minds besides dieting, shopping or pre-vacation tanning before we take our flights…and since the week after, we may be recovering from a week-long hangover, it’s easy to forget about the educational degree we are trying to achieve.

How about this spring break we focus on something different. Let’s not let our grades slip just because we can’t stop thinking about competing in the twerking contest next Tuesday in Mexico. I promise, if you ace your psych exam the day before your flight, you’ll likely be fired up. So here’s to a spring break season focused on the right things, so we can do allllll the wrong things on our trips.

Daisy Klaess

Maryland '19

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