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Lemon Water Greatness

Drinking enough water daily is critical to our overall health, yet it is a difficult task to complete each and every day. Each day, women are supposed to intake around 74.4oz. of water, also known as 2.2 liters, or about 9 8oz. glasses. Water has no flavor and as college students, we would prefer something else to keep us awake and going throughout the day. We choose things like coffee or a beverage packed with unhealthy amounts of sugar. The best way to make water enjoyable and to get ridiculously amazing health benefits is to squeeze a little bit of fresh lemon juice into your drinking water. 

Lemon water provides us with more benefits than most of us could even imagine. Here are just 5 of the countless benefits that come with squeezing some lemon juice into your plain water:

You get an immune system boost, which makes you less likely to get a cold!

Lemon juice is packed with Vitamin C, which our bodies need in order to fight colds. When we are stressed, the Vitamin C in our bodies takes a huge toll – let’s be honest, we are pretty much always stressing over tests, papers, and other assignments! It is vital to us to make sure we are getting enough Vitamin C so we can stay healthy throughout each semester.

Lemon water freshens your breath.

Due to the high amounts of citric acid in lemons, the acid will erode bacteria on the tongue and gums and also help prevent bad breath bacteria from growing. It also helps with toothaches and gingivitis!

Your skin will glow and blemishes will be reduced.

We all strive to have flawless complexions, but with stress, it feels like we constantly have a pimple or two popping up at the worst times. Even worse? They sometimes leave a mark. Lemon juice is a natural antioxidant. You can either apply lemon juice directly to the blemish, or you can add the lemon juice to your water, which will result in the antioxidants detoxifying your blood which will run through your whole system and help you to maintain glowing, flawless skin.

Lemon water is an aid to weight loss.

Drinking water in general is an aid to weight loss. Do you have a lower tummy pooch you can’t seem to get rid of, no matter how many crunches you do? That is caused by the retained water in your body. When your body doesn’t get enough water daily, it has to store it somewhere in order to keep you hydrated. Once you begin drinking enough water, you will notice your tummy tightening and that tummy pooch disappearing. By adding some lemon juice, you will be getting pectin fiber, which will help fight hunger cravings!

You will be left feeling more energized!

Probably the most important reason we should switch out coffee for lemon water. Lemons help to reduce anxiety and depression. Coffee and other sugar drinks leave you feeling energized for a short amount of time, but eventually you hit the crashing point. Drinking lemon water daily will leave you feeling all around healthier and will give you the energy boost you need all day long.

Mallory Norton is a business management major at Marshall University. She is the co-founder of Her Campus Marshall. She enjoys horse back riding, brownies, and her beautiful city of Huntington.
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