Embrace Those Flaws!

Ladies, we all share that common thought: how can Beyoncé confidently say “I woke up like this,” meanwhile I woke up looking like THIS? I’m not talking about artificial elements like makeup; our insecurities blind us from letting natural beauty and confidence run free. Freckles, poofy hair, that torso that’s just too long or that neck that’s a little too short. Insecurities have more control on our self-esteem than they should, and I will openly admit that I, too, am a flop in the battle against them. However, it was a Seventeen magazine article that I read that changed my perspective forever.

Long noses run in the family. Like all genetics, there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Like the beloved nicknames “freckle-face” or “hair from hell,” having a long nose had its derogatory names too, so I know how much it hurts. Then something caught my attention flipping through a Seventeen magazine… just a few lines of words changed my life. Three separate teenagers with three traits that they wished so desperately to hide. But suddenly, here they were, in a magazine embracing the traits that made them stand out!

My hair is brown, I am 5’5”, and my shoe size is 7.5 just like so many others, but I have an unparalleled feature that makes me stand out from the rest. I have a unique nose that fits me and only me. It is beautiful and makes my first impressions more memorable. Because of my nose, you will not forget me. I am not ashamed of my nose, and now, instead of avoiding attention to it at all cost, I embrace those profile shots.

Imagine a life without insecurities, where we feel comfortable in our bodies and embrace them without hesitation. Imagine the doors it opens when you don’t stop to worry about how people perceive you and how pictures portray you. Now imagine a world full of these people, and the accomplishments that would occur as a result. Given, this does not happen overnight, and it cannot be done by any outside source. Only you can defeat your inner demons by identity toning. Some will be harder to defeat than others, but we can always continue to enhance the amazing beings we are. Let your mirror remind you what makes you, you, and embrace it! When we face a fear head on, no matter how daunting, we always come out the other side stronger and more confident.