My Top 5 Favorite Fitness YouTubers, Perfect for all Levels!

As my sophomore year of high school came to an end, that summer, I decided I wanted to start working out seriously. I had been on the volleyball team that fall and missed getting a workout in on a daily basis, therefore, I turned to YouTube. I hadn’t explored the gym much at that point, so I wanted to start off in the comfort of my own home. I started searching YouTube for workouts I could follow along and were perfect at my beginner level. If I didn’t have time to go to the gym, at-home workouts were the perfect way to get a quick sweat in. Below I have listed some of my go-to channels when I need just that!

1. Blogilates 

Hosted by fitness influencer, Cassey Ho, Blogilates is where I started my fitness journey. I love her channel because she provides playlists for daily workouts so that in case you don’t have the time to make a detailed workout schedule, she has it ready for you! She posts monthly workout calendars on her website as well as workout challenges. Since her workouts are completely pilates focused, the only equipment you need is your body! 

2. MadFit

Maddie Lymburner, also known as MadFit, is a fitness influencer whose cooking videos I stumbled upon while trying to find vegan-friendly recipes. It was a while before I even knew she had a fitness channel, but once I did, I started to frequent her channel more often. She often posts workouts to specific songs that may be short, but absolute killer! 

3. Chloe Ting

I had heard about Chloe Ting and her two week shred challenge a while ago, but I never decided to take it on until I saw the amount of people doing it in quarantine. I plan to explore more of her workouts, but if you are looking for short and effective workouts that you can do right from home, I would highly recommend her channel. 

4. Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif does what most fitness YouTubers don’t; she doesn’t actually talk during most of her workouts. I’m not 100 percent sure why, but somehow it works. It lets you completely mute the video, put on your own playlist, and simply follow along without any other distractions. She also has some workouts that are 20 plus minutes in case you are looking for a longer routine. 

5. POPSUGAR Fitness

I haven’t done many workouts from the POPSUGAR Fitness repertoire, but if you like class-style workouts, this is the channel for you. Most of the workouts involve multiple people who often demonstrate alternatives to different exercises depending on your fitness level. You feel like you are in the studio with the trainer right there with you. 

I hope you all find my list of favorite fitness YouTubers helpful! I definitely had a lot more time to explore these different channels since in quarantine, but there are so many different one’s out there and you too can find the right one for you! However, please don’t feel like you need to start working out or becoming a fitness junkie just because we’re in quarantine and a lot of other people may be doing it. Use this time to take care of yourself in ways that you know you will enjoy and suit you best. To say the least, these are weird and stressful times, so don’t forget to take care of yourself!