I'm Upset with the Way MC Is Handling Sexual Assault

Earlier this week on social media, a series of screenshots of texts emerged of various women accusing a student on my college campus of sexual assault. People were immediately horrified by it, and it went “viral” within the Manhattan College student body. About a day later, the Title IX office sent an email to the whole school about the incident. The email, in my opinion and others, was highly condescending and problematic. It made it seem as though they were taking the side of the alleged abuser, and they specifically said “a series of texts on social media is not concrete evidence.” 

I, along with many other women I know, were very upset by this email. The tone really made it seem like the college did not want to do their job and were blaming the victims. This is also not the first incident of this on my campus. Last year, we had a break in and another woman was sexually assaulted. The college “addressed” it once but barely did anything to find out who did it, and who knows what else has gone under the radar. Sexual assault is extremely serious, and it is so difficult to report. That’s why, when it is reported, it’s important that we believe the victims and not just write them off. What’s even more sad is that I know for a fact that this isn’t just my school. Sexual assault write-off’s are happening around the world everyday at almost every college, and it’s really scary. It makes people feel unsafe in their own environment. 

I sent an email to the Title IX office standing up for the victim, because I was very upset in the moment. I expressed that I was very disappointed in the college and that I know we can do better. Of course, I got a very professional response back. But even if it was just a small thing, I hope I at least raised some attention to the issue to the Title IX office. It's 2021, we must believe the survivors.