How To Celebrate After A Huge Week

After a huge week is over, you can feel that sense of relief. No more weekly library trips with your friends till 3 am, no more cramming in the common room; it is time to finally relax. You and your friends feel you all should be rewarded after the hard work you all put in to get the grades you desired. And most importantly its time to be free! So now what? Here are some ways to celebrate after a huge week:

Spa & Movie Night

Nothing beats a quick trip to rite-aid with your girlfriends to get some cheap peel-off face masks and buy your favorite snacks. Healthy, junk, its all up to you. Have a night together in one of your dorms, and play your favorite music on a speaker. Put on your favorite chick flick or movie, and get on with releasing stress. A night like this is also a good way for you and your friends to get frustrations and stresses about a huge week, or a terrible test off your chest. Let yourself unwind.

A Quick Trip Home

It may depend if you’re far, but a quick two-day trip back to your hometown is a good way of treating yourself after a stressful week. Seeing your loved ones, and hometown friends may help release college tension created by school. Go to your favorite restaurants back home, play with your pets, go on a drive through your favorite spots back home. Do whatever you know will help you unwind in a way to help you release stress.

City Shopping Trip

Though it is easy for any of us to do this any weekend, a trip to Manhattan is a great outing to reward your hard work during a rough week. A fun store to visit with your friends is the Glossier store. There is a large number of products lined up for you to visit and view. The store also has a cute light pink aesthetic which is great to take Instagram pictures in. Walk around a central park with your friends and have a fall photo shoot. Visit a cute coffee or matcha shop to the end of the day right.