Getting Sick At School

Getting sick in college pretty much is the worst. Depending on the person, you can be thousands of miles away from home without your family. College campuses are just full of germs waiting to be spread around. It’s really easy for germs to be spread around too. Every time you press an elevator button or you open a door, thousands of germs spread. What’s important to prevent getting sick is washing your hands, but also when it looks like a lot of people are getting sick, take vitamin c supplements like Airborne. This helps your immune system prepare to take down even the worst cold. However, if you do get sick here are a few tips to help you fight the cold without falling too behind.


Go to health services. 

This is actually really important. Even if you feel like it’s not necessary, it’s useful. You might not know the best way to take care of your body when it’s sick because your mom or dad always took care of you when you were sick. Part of growing up is being able to be independent enough to make a doctors appointment and see what’s really wrong. Most likely the doctor will know what’s going around campus better than anyone. Therefore, they will know how to treat it! Also, instead of paying so much money on medicine,cough drops and tissues at rite aid, just go to the health center. After your appointment, if you ask, health and services will give you everything you need. It saves you some money too!


Listen to your body. Miss that class if necessary.

This is the one I have the biggest problem with. It’s hard in college to miss class because you fear of falling behind. Especially during midterms week, it’s not the best time to be sick. However, being sick during a lecture will not allow you to actively participate or listen, so there’s really no reason for you to be missing out on resting time. It’s important for you to let the cold take its course. However, once you start feeling better it’s important that you start attending your classes and most importantly, email your teachers about any work you missed. If you need to understand a topic that was mentioned in class that you missed, ask the professor during his/her office hours or make an appointment in the office of academic success with a tutor.


Don’t freak out.

You’re not dying, I promise. Sometimes we get really anxious when we are sick because we are away from home and this causes people to assume the worst. Stop self diagnosing yourself. Just relax, catch up on your favorite show, eat your favorite food and sleep. This is the only time you get where it is acceptable to sleep all day, so use it!


I hope that the next time you get sick, you’ll remember that it happens and soon you’ll be just fine. Just rest and give yourself a break. I recently got a cold and the best remedy of my symptoms was sleep. Not medicine or cough drops. You just have to let it take its course. With that said, I hope everyone has a healthy rest of their semester!!