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By: Mackenzie Boyce

Let’s be honest, nobody actually enjoys working out when they first start. Running is tiring, weights are heavy, and abs just straight up hurt. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape or find an activity to get your blood flowing! As someone who loathes trips to the gym, here are my favorite ways to have fun and stay fit.


The best activity, in my opinion, is the hot girl walk. When it’s cold you can stay warm on the treadmill with a low speed, or on an incline to go the extra mile. When the weather gets nicer, I love taking trips to the park or city to just enjoy the scenery. It’s a simple task that is so important for getting your heart rate up and increasing your circulation. Simply put in your headphones, turn on your favorite song or podcast and go on a nice, relaxing walk.


Yoga is definitely a “don’t knock it till you try it” type of activity. Yoga is great for your flexibility and strength, but it honestly doesn’t even feel like a workout. It’s a nice stretch for any sore muscles, and coming from a girl with major back issues I promise you it works wonders. There are so many great yoga classes on and off campus, or you can find YouTube videos to follow along with!

Dance Workouts

As an avid One Direction stan, of course I needed to try the “One Direction dance workout” that appeared on my YouTube recommended page. In my opinion, dance workouts are one of the most fun ways to exercise. There are so many YouTube videos to follow, which is great for those who might only feel comfortable dancing in the solidarity of their own room. However, for anyone more bold, Zumba classes are a great option. This is such a fun class for friends, and those dances will live in your head rent free afterwards. Whenever I want to exercise in a fun way, I immediately pull up the “Mamma Mia Medley Dance Workout,” which I would recommend to anyone.

Self-Defense Class

Self-defense classes are a great way to build strength, while also learning important safety skills. I personally think every woman should take a self-defense class, because being able to protect yourself is such an important lesson. The best part is these classes are designed for beginners. So if you’re like me, and have literally zero experience or upper body strength, you’re still more than welcome!

It’s important to know that exercise isn’t just for athletes. Working out isn’t something we should dread, and it can actually be fun if you find what works for you. 

Mackenzie Boyce

Manhattan '24

Mackenzie is the Senior Editor for Her Campus at Manhattan, and loves being able to read and edit the chapter’s articles before they are published. Mackenzie is a senior at Manhattan College studying childhood and special education with concentrations in English and French. She is originally from Connecticut but loves having the opportunity to live in NYC for school. Mackenzie is also a member of the sorority Sigma Delta Tau on campus. She is also part of the education honors society, Kappa Delta Pi, and French honors society, Pi Delta Phi. She is also an admissions ambassador and can be spotted around campus giving tours to incoming students. She is also currently completing her student teaching this semester in fifth and first-grade classrooms at a local Bronx elementary school. Mackenzie loves having the ability to use writing as an outlet, whether that means writing about fashion, music, pop culture, or mental health. She is so thankful to have found a home with Her Campus at Manhattan and hopes anyone reading can gain knowledge or inspiration from her work.