The Benefits of Cycling

Over the past couple of years, cycling has become more and more popular, and for a very good reason-It’s a great form of exercise. I have compiled a list of five benefits of cycling and why you should give it a try! **

It’s a full-body workout

Not only are you working on your legs and core but also your arms and glutes. Trust me-you can feel the effects of it after class.

Burns calories

An average 45-minute cycling class burns about 500 calories.

Decreases stress

While cycling, you are only focused on cycling because it’s a  very intense workout that requires 100% of your energy. You will be less stressed because you won’t be thinking about other things.

Builds strength

As I said before cycling takes up a lot of energy and doing it will build up muscle in your legs and abs.

Being apart of a team

Grab a couple of your friends and go to a class. Working out with friends pushes you harder, while also encouraging you.


Thank you SO MUCH to ILiv Cycling for letting us come and try out cycling! We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to go back. You can find them on 451 W 238th Street (Next to An Beal Bocht!) or on Instagram, @ilivcycling.