5 Ways to Stay Positive When the Winter Blues Hit

We all suffer through that time of year when the cold weather is never-ending, the days feel shorter, and the warm, euphoric feeling of spring approaching is far, far away. These dark, gloomy days can give us a case of the “winter blues,” but here are five ways in which you can boost your mood and feel happy during this time of year.   

1. Set Aside Some You Time

With the start of the new year comes the start of a chaotic schedule. Between work, extra curriculars, and trying to maintain a social life, managing your time practically becomes an Olympic sport with how much skill it takes to successfully organize everything. But with our hectic schedules, we forget to relax and designate some time for ourselves. So instead of feeling stressed, purposely add time into your schedule to do your favorite things! Watch Netflix, read a book, treat yourself to a makeover–– whatever makes you happy.

2. Indulge in your Self-Care Routine 

Often times during the winter, our self-care routine can fall apart. Personally, this weather makes my skin dry and I have less motivation to go to the gym, simply because it’s cold. To boost your mood, try to improve your self-care routine. Get more sleep, drink plenty of water, stay active, and just take care of yourself. Treat yourself to a face mask every now and then! Get yourself motivated to go to the gym! Working out can clear your mind of all negative thoughts in your head, and you’ll feel proud of yourself for going. Exercising also releases endorphins, a chemical in your body that generates positive feelings. Whatever your routine may be, take care of yourself during this time of the year, trust me it will pay off in the end. 

3. Enjoy Comfort Food

When we’re feeling down during this season, turning to junk food almost becomes second nature, and there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, it’s the time of year when hot chocolate is basically mandatory to drink. Feel free to turn to those delicious foods that give you comfort, but don’t discount some healthier options. Oatmeal and fresh fruit are my personal go-to items, especially citrus fruit because they boosts your immune system and helps prevent colds.  

4. Go outside 

The cold can be unbearable but getting outside every now and then can make you feel better than being cooped up inside. Go on a hike, take a walk, and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Spending a few minutes outside per day can help clear your head and reduce stress levels, ultimately leading to happiness and positivity. 

5. Change Your Mindset

If you want to be happier this winter, then think positively! It’s easier said than done but try to find the benefits of every situation and be optimistic about the opportunities you’re given. Although there might be something negative in your life, don’t dwell on it and try to focus on the positives. You can in fact teach yourself to be more optimistic. Once you force yourself to change your mindset and look at the positive side, doing so will soon become second nature.  A positive mindset is a key contributor to your happiness. 

Although winter feels like it drags on, it doesn’t last forever. If you’ve struck a case of the winter blues, that won’t last forever either. There’s a brighter, warmer, and happier future out there, but just know you can start feeling that way now with these tips!