Four of This Season’s Fashion Blunders and Four Adorable Alternatives

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Fed up of fast fashion? Been misguided by Missguided? Annoyed with ASOS? End your Spring 2019 wardrobe woes with a clap back at repetitive, low quality high-street trends.

If, like me, you're finding yourself increasingly frustrated by the never-ending onslaught of weak high-street trends, then look no further. I’ve collected four hideous items currently on offer in popular online stores and four adorable alternative outfits to inspire you instead. Enjoy!

ASOS DESIGN Ombre Mesh Knitted Midi Dress - £25


I don’t know about you, but I don't tend to gain inspiration from a fruit-market grapefruit when I get dressed in the morning. The material of this dress looks really cheap and I hate to think what the poor gal wearing this would look like if she fell asleep in the sun!

According to ASOS’ brand description, their clothes are “created by us, styled by you”, but the colours, shape and netted material of this dress makes it really hard to pair it with anything. Even the shoes they've styled it with don’t look right.

Missguided Yellow Leopard Print Co Ord Denim Mini Skirt - £25


When I saw this co ord for the first time, I genuinely cringed. Not only does it not resemble anything close to leopard print, but it looks like the designer got bored in the middle of creating this season’s “must haves” and decided to combine as many trends as possible into one piece in a ploy to get it selling like hotcakes.

According to Missguided, in the 48-hour period prior to me writing this article, several of this outfit had been bought, so maybe there are people who like dressing like a wasp-cow hybrid. It also comes in baby pink, if you'd rather look like a mix of a pig and a cow. Honestly, nothing surprises me anymore.

Missguided Pink Faux Leather Mini Dress - £28


It seems like Missguided took fashion advice from a futuristic butcher for this outfit and Lord knows they certainly butchered it! I honestly can't imagine anybody wearing this cheap and tacky sheet of plastic. You couldn't wear it in the summer either - sweating even just a little bit would make everything stick *barf*.

There are some fantastic fake leather items out there and the seemingly low-quality of this piece really does not justify the price. Also, aren't we supposed to be reducing the amount of plastic in our environment? Let's start by getting rid of this monstrosity. And, don’t even get me started on that “seatbelt buckle” fastening *smh*.

Jaded London All Over Sequin Mesh Beach Dress - £68


This flimsy “beach dress” is such low quality - I'd be scared to even touch it for fear of it falling apart! It’s sequinned embellishments will inevitably fall off, dumping more plastic into our environment and I’d safely give it three wears before the straps tear at the seams.

According to the website, Jaded London is inspired by “global street-style from East London to LA and New York”, but inspiration clearly wasn't flowing well when this was designed. Never mind the fact that neither East London nor New York have any beaches...

Now for it's astonishing price. For the luxury of a handful of sequins sewn into see-through chiffon, you'll need to fork out an unbelievable £68! The price of this scrap of fabric shook me so much that it became my inspiration for this article because I can imagine plenty of other girls out there in a state of pure bemusement by current trends

Now for a trend we can all get on board with...

Although it hasn't been as hard-hitting as the 90s revival, A-Line skirts have also come back into fashion recently. Brave and bold colour and pattern combinations are modern takes on a classic style. And, if, like me, you've perhaps eaten a few two many chocolate eggs this Easter, an A-Line skirt worn at the slimmest part of the waist is the perfect way to flatter your figure while hiding your insecurities away. Here are some of my favourite ways to wear the trend.

Stripes and Sunshine Yellow


This is a super simple outfit using hardy wardrobe staples. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a little bit of yellow in a summer outfit, regardless of the weather outside! On a blustery day, the A-Line skirt is heavy enough to allow airflow that’ll keep you cool, but will protect you from having a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Plaid with a Simple Skirt


I spent most of my adolescence as an emo-kid in the countryside, so plaid shirts became a staple in my wardrobe. They’re normally pretty durable so they've been in my wardrobe since I was 15-16 years old. If bright colours aren't your thing, this is the perfect way to mix up your style while remaining true to yourself. It's also a great way to reinvent those oldies into goldies.

Spots and Stripes


If you’re in need of something a little smarter for that summer internship you landed, then look no further than this gorgeous spots and stripes combo. Clashing patterns are huge at the moment and, with heels or flats, this combo will give you all the courage you need for a fantastic first day in the office. Maybe you could even get away with a little red lipstick to make your look really pop.

Animal Instinct


The easiest summer style? Slip on a dress. This adorable high-low bird print dress, paired with a dusty pink denim jacket is a winner and perfect for any summer occasion from family barbeques to exploring the world. I can't get enough of the vintage-inspired pattern.

Try a classy brooch to add interest. A small stall in Afflecks Palace sells the most fantastic woodland animal brooches. They’re fabulous quality [I’ve accidently put mine through the wash on several occasions and it hasn’t even hinted at rusting yet], won’t break the bank and are the perfect accessory to add to a beautiful summer look!