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Natalie Willetts

Manchester '20

I am an English and History student at the University of Manchester, with a fascination for fine dining and food journalism.
I want to use my university's Her Campus chapter to build on my current journalism experience and begin formally publishing my work, as I have been doing independently through my Instagram account - @mcrfoodadventures. Independently, I have made restaurant reviews and covered events in Manchester, London, Paris, and Barcelona. I love to travel and tend to stay away from popular tourist places to heavily immerse myself in the local culture and cuisine.
I love French food and culture, and my ultimate goal is to bring my future children up there.
The easiest way to cheer me up is by feeding me sushi! Surprisingly, some of the best sushi I've ever eaten was in Paris!
I've always been business-orientated and have often tried to use this to express my creative flare. Over the years, I've created businesses from handmade bracelets, to portrait photography, and even baking bread loaves! I am always excited by collaborative projects and currently have a number of food-related projects underway; maybe you'll see them in my articles soon!