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Products You Can Buy To Help Stop Plastic Pollution

The amount of plastic pollution that we have in the world is insane. Each day plastic pollution gets worse. We need to do something about it. Luckily some companies have taken this problem into their own hands by creating recycled products. Here are five products you can buy to help stop plastic pollution. 

Eco Friendly Phone Cases

Our world is now filled with phones. There is a lot of plastic waste happening with the phone’s accessories and packaging. Pela creates a technology accessory that is made out of 100% compostable sustainable bioplastic. The brand hopes to stop waste and pollution.  

Check out the Eco-Friendly Phone Cases here.

Reusable Coffee Cups

Thousands of people drink coffee every day. The amount of coffee cups waste is massive. Instead of constantly throwing out your coffee cup, you can invest in a reusable one. Onya creates reusable coffee cups that are 100% food-grade silicone. This product is a great way to help stop plastic pollution.  

Check out the Reusable Coffee Cups here.

Reusable Shopping Bags
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The amount of shopping bags given out in-store is massive. Most of the plastic bags are just thrown out and not properly recycled. These plastic bags produce even more waste than single-use plastic produce bags. If everyone used reusable shopping bags, it could help stop plastic pollution. In Europe, most people use reusable shopping bags. If you do not have one and want a plastic bag, you will need to pay for it. Onya’s reusable shopping bags crunches down into an attached pouch, so you always have it. This is very useful to eliminate plastic waste.

Check out the Reusable Shopping Bags here.

Recycled Ocean Plastic Eyewear

Sea2see creates recycled sunglasses. They collect ocean plastic waste, nets, and rope. They send all the plastic waste they collect to Spain to develop their Italian sunglasses. They gather on average one tonne of plastic waste every second day. This is a great product that everyone uses; this is made out of recycled plastic, eliminating plastic waste.   

Check out the recycled ocean plastic eyewear here.

Repurposed Billboard Vinyl Wallet

Billboard banners create a lot of waste. Over 600,000 tonnes of non-recyclable vinyl from billboard banners alone find its way to landfills each year. RAREFORM took this problem into their own hands. Over the past seven years, RAREFORM repurposed over 1,360 tonnes of vinyl. The company creates many different products like phone cases, wallets, bike bags, and more.  

Check out the Repurposed Billboard Vinyl Wallet here.

These are just five products you can buy to help stop plastic pollution. There are so many products that you can use to help stop plastic pollution. 

What do you think of these products? Do you think you will purchase one of them to help prevent plastic pollution? 

Priscilla is the Vice President and the Director of Social Media at Her Campus Lynn. She is a Junior at Lynn University studying International Business Management. She has grown up all over the world, this helped her learn new languages and different cultures. She has a passion for traveling and discovering new things. She is also the sisterhood chair for Theta Phi Alpha
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