Kylie Nightingale: Loyola University Chicago CHAARG Ambassador

If you haven’t heard there’s a new fitness organization on Loyola’s campus and it’s called CHAARG. There are already chapters at universities nation-wide and it is a movement that is constantly growing. I met up with Loyola’s CHAARG Campus Ambassador Kylie Nightingale to get more information on what CHAARG is all about and how you can get involved.


HC: What’s your major and year?

KN: Human Resource Management, Senior

HC: What are you involved in on campus?

KN: I am a Resident Assistant and have been for 2 years.  Other than that school, my internship and CHAARG take up most of my time.

HC: So what exactly is CHAARG?

KN: CHAARG stands for “Changing health, attitudes, + actions to recreate girls.” We are a national organization that promotes health and wellness to help college girls find their passion for living a healthy life style.  We do this by hosting Studio Spotlights every week where we go to a different gym in Chicago to help girls find their fit, having small groups and hosting social events. CHAARG is currently at 45 universities and is expanding every semester.

HC: What is your job as Loyola’s CHAARG ambassador?

KN: As a CHAARG Ambassador I manage the exec team and also act as a liaison for national CHAARG.  I make sure everything runs smoothly as well as write the newsletters every week!

HC: How many girls are currently involved in CHAARG? Is it too late to join?

KN: Currently we have a little over 60 members! Anyone can join anytime but we recommend joining at the beginning of each semester to get the most out of it.



HC: What do members benefit from being members of Loyola CHAARG?

KN: Members get to attend studio spotlights every Monday night. So far we have gone to SoulCycle, the Bare Code, and taken an aerial yoga class. Members also get to join a small group that meets once a week to complete a workout, grab coffee or even study to get to know others members in CHAARG better.  Members also get to attend various social events we hold throughout a semester.  Most importantly members get to become apart of a national community of over 5,000+ girls!


HC: How do you hope to see Loyola CHAARG grow in the future?

KN: I am hoping to spread the word about CHAARG so more girls can join! This is our first semester on campus and we have been struggling to get Loyola to register CHAARG as an official organization. Therefore, we were not able to go to the org fair, table in Damen and book rooms on campus. Once we get through the process I know we can make CHAARG as big as we possibly can.

HC: Would you be interested in working with Her Campus to do some sort of health/fitness event?

KN: Yes, of course!

A big shout out to Kylie for giving some of her time to spread the word on what sounds like a very empowering, fun organization. Be sure to reach out to her or reach out to them on Facebook (search “Loyola University Chicago CHAARG), if you want more information or to get involved!