5 Body Positive Instagram Accounts you HAVE to follow this year

As the new year is upon us, it is important to turn a new leaf. One of the best ways to encourage a better self-image is to follow people that have a happy/healthy way of thinking. I put together a list of my favorite body positive Instagram accounts that have helped me when I do not love myself as much as I should. 


Iskra Lawrence


Iskra Lawrence is a model for Aerie, and one of the faces of the fashion industry’s new focus; not photoshopping models’ photos. She speaks up about the the fact that “every body is beautiful.” She makes it known to her fans that all bodies have rolls and cellulite, and that it is nothing to be ashamed of.



Meghan Kacmarcik


Meghan Kacmarcik is an Instagram personnel who posts almost daily about her struggles with body positivity and her desire to help others. Although she is young, she uses her openness to help young women on social media. Meghan admits that not everyday is easy, but she desires to be better for herself and others.



Gina Susanna


Gina Susanna is a body acceptance advocate who has been known for her movement #embracethesquish. She posts daily about how body acceptance changed her life. Although Gina is a warrior of self acceptance now, she has not always been that way. From an early age Gina suffered from an eating disorder that caused her to be extremely unhealthy and unhappy with her life. She talks about her struggles and what she has done to love herself.


Dana Suchow


Dana Suchow is a women’s advocate that celebrates all types of bodies and people. After overcoming both bulimia nervosa and compulsive exercising, Dana has been pushing for body positivity of all types. Dana uses her platform as a way to show others that they are not alone and that her thinness is a privilege.


Mama Cax


Mama Cax is a Haitian travel blogger and model. After losing her leg to cancer at the age of 14, she uses her platform to change the way people look at beauty. Her goal is to demolish how people see others with disabilities. Amongst her many other accomplishments, she was invited to walk in the White Houses’ first ever runway show as a way to celebrate people of all beauty standards.